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Interview with neddko nedkov 10_16_2020


[00:00:00]mike: [00:00:00] Welcome back everybody to java chats, coffee with mike here, and we are talking with very interesting, interesting gentlemen out of the country of bulgaria. His name is Neddko Nedkov. Thank you for joining us here on java chat. Really appreciate you making some time to come hang out.  Your, what time is it where you’re at?

[00:00:22] neddko nedkov: [00:00:22] it’s 11:30 pm. 

[00:00:27] mike: [00:00:27] Good lord. How did we schedule it? So late the day 

[00:00:29] neddko nedkov: [00:00:29] I slept here, I would get yours too. I work with lots of cdos plan, so 

[00:00:33]mike: [00:00:33] I got ya. I got,  it’s like, I think it’s like 1:30 over here. So you’re you’re 10 hours ahead. Wow. 

[00:00:41] it’s it’s it always amazes me when I get to talk with people that are international guests.

[00:00:45] cause it’s like,  you know, we’ve got, we’ve had guests in the philippines, they were in tomorrow. When I talk with them or her friends in Australia, the same story is like yesterday morning over here. And we’re just having a great time and I’m looking up, I’m going.  I’m still, I’m still on monday evening, dude.

[00:00:59] I haven’t even gotten to bed yet. 

[00:01:01]neddko nedkov: [00:01:01] we didn’t start parting when they have new years. 

[00:01:06] mike: [00:01:06] that’s true. And they’re, they’re one of the first ones I think tanya is the first one on the new year’s thing. That’s cool. So. Tell us a little bit about you just, and what I mean by that is who’s Neddko where are you from?

[00:01:19] what do you do? All that kind of good stuff. 

[00:01:22] neddko nedkov: [00:01:22] . So I’m from bulgaria, and, I’ve been born and raised here and I traveled like, what slow over the years, especially students here, like I’ve been to us, traveling around. 

[00:01:39]  and then I was like students work and travel and really great experience in vegas also because boy, cause he came to our town. that feels great. That’s good to hear. I’ve been studying a fixture, but really my hobbies since teenager, teenager, years was like online marketing. I was always chatting with. Mike. So  over, over the years, since it feels like, online marketing, seo optimizations for rankings, for google and all this stuff was really, really interesting to me because you’ve been studying that for 

[00:02:21] mike: [00:02:21] how long then.

[00:02:22] neddko nedkov: [00:02:22] oh, well, I studied architecture for like 10 years. You can say like high school and then another six years in university to master picture. But usually like most of the time I was really enjoying different kinds of projects as a hobby is a chance to insurance. So lots of friends in marketing either. 

[00:02:44] mike: [00:02:44] so you got to, you got to learn from the people that were out there doing it, then.

[00:02:49]neddko nedkov: [00:02:49]  It was mostly from marketing forums from, like, you know, social groups. 

[00:02:59] mike: [00:02:59] it’s best when you can get your hands in it. 

[00:03:01]neddko nedkov: [00:03:01] Well, no,  I haven’t studied it as a, as a, as a program or something or a courses, but more like doing kids studying through practice.  

[00:03:11] mike: [00:03:11] that’s well, so i, I have a marketing agency, a lot of the business development and marketing that I learned also was either through, friends that were in it, doing it or online courses or things of that nature. And then the rest of it is obviously, you know, we got to read because stuff’s always changed.

[00:03:31] neddko nedkov: [00:03:31]To be able to date. 

[00:03:33] mike: [00:03:33] and, and so you got, apparently you got bit with an entrepreneurial bug. 

[00:03:37]neddko nedkov: [00:03:37] that’s I didn’t know that  was too long for me back then. But happened. 

[00:03:48] mike: [00:03:48] it happened and it happened well. So what did you, what did you do? You started a little company.

[00:03:54]neddko nedkov: [00:03:54] so, like the last year of the university, we started like, agency for web design and seo marketing. Nice for bulgarian classes. I really already have get used to work so much with, with, broad clients and like freelancing every like the, my, how to say freelancing time, freedom to manage no shadow, no eight to five for what they are.

[00:04:20] so I really. Stick to freelancing online. And I kept the words of clients from oh four, five or marketing forums, like for seo outsourcing, and pretty much really focused over the years on that. And so at some point we started to start using core skills to build our own ventures and projects.  

[00:04:42] so started to rank different kinds of websites. You know, when you’re ranking google, we have one, it’s a small initiatives to, have a practice, stable. 

[00:04:52] mike: [00:04:52] you can do, you can do very well. You are correct. We, we actually have a couple of tools. We’re doing the same thing. In the service industry. So  you, the funny thing is a lot of, mostly in the finance finance roles.

[00:05:05] so, you know, financial planning, mortgage, real estate, stuff like that. The interesting thing is, and you got to watch on certain things, you can’t, you know, you can’t be ambiguous, you can’t be overly specified either, just because of the way regulations are. We have friends and colleagues, and it’s interesting that you made, you said something that caught my attention, which was.

[00:05:26] if you have a little bit of a niche, it’s enough to fund a business. And I don’t think people understand how much opportunity is out there. 

[00:05:37]neddko nedkov: [00:05:37] They are like, I’m not sure , but I think there are like millions of searches on a weekly basis in google. So it’s huge.

[00:05:48] and if you focus on one niche and it’s built around very good content and, you know, start to do. Podcasts videos, whatever. And you share it over the social networks. That could be enough for you to run because most of them web nerds like me, let’s say we don’t go on the tv on the tv. I mean, on the video and you, you a little bit here, a little bit that, but.

[00:06:17] if, if you do it, like think of it as a business and not just as a whole corporate thing or,  it, it actually can be properly done easily. Like in, within a few months you can start ranking, can start gathering traffic and within a year you can be having some kind of. By national freedom. 

[00:06:38] mike: [00:06:38] it’s interesting to see how, because your stories kind of why you shouldn’t say kind of your story is quite familiar when it comes to, hey, it’s just a side hustle for now.

[00:06:47] but as like you said, if you treat it like a business, it’s not really side hustle, it’s a hustle. 

[00:06:54] neddko nedkov: [00:06:54] but that came with the, with, came with the years because I was really doing it as a covid. Then we started to do it like, oh, when very passionate. But then the mark, the product market fit is not something that you, you know, it’s not like they’re waiting years two to start being your plants or so, 

[00:07:14] and you, you, you have few years, let’s say, to, with the struggles, ups and downs to figure out what you’re doing. Then we started like, small, contextual advertising when we were trying to too much like the websites to the advertisers and it was doing cocaine. It was paying the bills, but you cannot really scale with as easy because it was like yet another ad network, let’s say.

[00:07:41] like 2015, I think 2016, I wanted to. Let’s say maybe there, it started to be more entrepreneur thinks that the, to, to rise up and, I was, really considering how to make the next step to make from like a small ppc network context on it, it to move to something where we can work with. More, bigger websites and to have more, how to scale.

[00:08:11] oh, of course. And so I have joined like a founder institute. It’s like a whoa accelerator from san francisco, but it’s like right now, 200 cities, I suppose. And, and so it’s, it, it was great to start because my background is really online based like most of the time marketing forums, free ones in can, all this.

[00:08:35] well, when you join the startups, you start to understand that you have to also do a lot more things, proper sales, networking, and all this stuff. And this started to really open my, so 

[00:08:47] mike: [00:08:47] they introduced you to the hat rack where you have to pull off different hats and start worrying about 15 

[00:08:51] neddko nedkov: [00:08:51] instead of just,  

[00:08:54] that one. Oh,  I would just rank sites and that’s great. But then at some point you have to do this. 

[00:09:04] mike: [00:09:04] there’s the ceo, there’s the cfo. There’s a coo, which is the guy that usually goes, oh, when things start going sideways. 

[00:09:12] neddko nedkov: [00:09:12] but this is what we do. It’s like this.  

[00:09:18] mike: [00:09:18] I don’t know a single entrepreneur that hasn’t gone through that where the different hats eventually kind of get so many on a table you’re looking at well.

[00:09:28] okay. I don’t know which one I’m supposed to wear today. 

[00:09:32]neddko nedkov: [00:09:32]  it’s like you, you have to be on few places and then the development, because since startups, you always think like I’ll make the perfect platform and the clients will come along. No, not at all. They never seen the site. So it’s like, you, you.

[00:09:49] you need to learn, to sell, to network, to figure out also not to mention the investment part in startup is totally different than the regular business. Not like one or something. It’s not like a business part of something. It’s like, you need to. Manage, like at the same time you have to have, a few things working in the same time, like the team, the platform, and then the sales product market fit and all this know this should work simulators in the same time working properly.

[00:10:24] so lots of fun.   

[00:10:27] mike: [00:10:27] it’s a lot to manage. Isn’t it? 

[00:10:29] neddko nedkov: [00:10:29] it’s 

[00:10:29] mike: [00:10:29] cause it’s not because it’s no longer just you anymore. Now you have all these other. You have all these other personalities, not just people.   All these other personalities now that you have to bring, bring along for the ride. 

[00:10:41]neddko nedkov: [00:10:41] that was, that was something that, maybe it’s the hardest thing I believe to, to learn, to build relationships because it’s in freelancing, it gets easy.

[00:10:51] you’ll get the contract for. Maybe.  Just me and it’s easy. And do you outsource excel sheets now, while in here you really need to  manage personalities to work together and all this, we have to change the first developer because he chose career instead of entrepreneurship so much. So over the time we had some mint here and there you lose always six months.

[00:11:18] it’s not unusual. 

[00:11:20]  and at some point we managed to did some good paper to have like a register or illustrations to give like advertisers and  we’re in product market fit. And trying to, let’s say to make a seed campaign, like in the beginning of 2022, and then there’s happens the covid.

[00:11:42] so we kind of all right, well now, and, the good thing is at least we could have focused on work finally, without paying in networking events and conferences and all this stuff.  

[00:12:00] mike: [00:12:00] it’s interesting how some of, for some of us that, that really became a big plus rather than a negative while everybody else was at home, stressing out, we were at home getting busy.

[00:12:12]neddko nedkov: [00:12:12] I mean, it happened that it transformed the officers into calm officers and the ones that you already stated. Don’t. It was like shopping for us because everybody came to our marketplace. That’s awesome. 

[00:12:27] mike: [00:12:27] that’s awesome. And so you guys, since everybody’s at home, I’m assuming you’re using something like slack or discord or something to talk with each  other.

[00:12:34] neddko nedkov: [00:12:34] we use skype. 

[00:12:38] mike: [00:12:38] skype. Skype is good too. 

[00:12:39]neddko nedkov: [00:12:39] that works as well.  And also we lose you. We use a word, zoom, slack, pretty much, I’m in a world of entrepreneurship and startups groups that are mostly in swat. I can say like most of them also, they, they’re interesting, like this year, a few of the startup platforms like startup accelerator startup school from y combinator, pioneer europe, they all emerged from like something that you can use on those option.

[00:13:12] now, since you are calm and you have more time, you spend a few more hours per week, they really evolved into. Great. What firms to support like wabo startups all over the world and it really became like you, you can say we became more native with how it works in san francisco. Cause they came online.

[00:13:34] let’s say this way more and it was great. Very great to work into, to kind of, communicate together. 

[00:13:44] mike: [00:13:44] So you guys have gone through a seed round then. 

[00:13:46] neddko nedkov: [00:13:46] so we, we found the seats because, there was no, no way to fundraise because of covid.

[00:13:53] mike: [00:13:53]  gotcha.

[00:13:54] neddko nedkov: [00:13:54] And then meanwhile, in this whole thing in april, I started to.

[00:14:01] just chit chat with people and all this about podcasts and the bulk pockets of advertising, how it goes. I don’t know. It was just an idea slowly popping up in a startup basis. And I was like, hey, we already have the infrastructure for direct websites advertising and why not? Try to think about maybe in podcasts.

[00:14:22] and then I found out that actually podcast makes perfect sense because, the sponsorships are happening anyways, directly, like peer to peer they’re advertise of discuss with the, with the host. So it’s like directly cause three dots.  Perfect for marketplace. And with devoted that to try to see how it goes.

[00:14:42] and it’s actually a way bigger interest in podcasts and podcasts, advertising and podcasts, sponsorship. So, 

[00:14:53] mike: [00:14:53] it sounds like you, it sounds like you hit a pivot point that puts you right on the right set of rails. 

[00:14:58]neddko nedkov: [00:14:58] that’s, that’s  a, that’sy what happened. It’s like way, way more interesting way, how to say more smooth, you know?

[00:15:08] Cause there is a lack of this and, and there is a need even more I can see. So it’s great. So kind of,  

[00:15:16] mike: [00:15:16] I mean even within like, even within java chat, we’re just, I mean, obviously we’re only at around a hundred episodes, but that’s more than enough to be able to put commercial commercials in between.

[00:15:27] But finding those people to do that, especially at such an early stage.  Not so easy. So I’ll tell you what, we’re going to take a short pause of about 30 seconds. We’ve actually gone 15 minutes already. Want to take a short 30 seconds. Okay. When we come back, let’s talk a little bit about that before we go into the motivational inspiration.

[00:15:47] let’s talk a little bit about that platform because. There are other people that do listen to this podcast, but that’s probably going to peak their interest. They’re going to want to know more. So we’ll take a short 30 seconds. You guys we’ll be right back here with Neddko


And we’re back here on java chat interviewing ned cole. And we were just talking a little bit about the, the. Entrepreneurial side of life that he’s, that he’s been going through. And some of the businesses that have, you know, that he’s been a part of. And now he’s just started talking about a platform that, that literally just took a pivot.

[00:16:20] and it has to do with advertising, but for podcasting and, and in the I’m, I’m, I’m assuming that the initial of this was just advertising for, you know, stuff that just general advertising online pay-per-click banner ads, et cetera, et cetera. 

[00:16:36] more like guest management kind of stuff, 

[00:16:37] neddko nedkov: [00:16:37] or like gods management for websites of monetizing, which is something more traditional in an existing way more competitive, let’s say.

[00:16:45] and then we 

[00:16:46] mike: [00:16:46] started a push statement. That’s an understatement brother. 

[00:16:50] neddko nedkov: [00:16:50] maybe, maybe.  

[00:16:52] mike: [00:16:52] well, when you’re talking about website advertising and pay-per-click advertising, everybody’s got the secret sauce. I’ve yet to see the secret sauce because everybody has the same stuff. 

[00:17:01] neddko nedkov: [00:17:01] I agree. That’s, that’s a, another thing, like if everybody’s selling the same banners, i, it doesn’t matter.

[00:17:10] mike: [00:17:10] well it’s still butter, no matter how you look at it, it’s still. 

[00:17:15]neddko nedkov: [00:17:15] And so, but the, the thing podcast, it was totally different. And, I started to research more and more of this industry and there were all the type of examples, like people were discussing in the radio. So and asking like for advertisements and all this ends, nobody’s answering it’s.

[00:17:34] so I was really interested. What’s what’s going, 

[00:17:37] mike: [00:17:37] I have to be careful with what I say on this one, because of where we sit, then they do have advertisers, but so far they haven’t found me, anybody, but themselves. And it concerns me because it’s like, you know, we’re a business podcast. How do you, I mean, I get it.

[00:17:51] we don’t have a ton of listeners, but you gotta have somebody out there that that’s willing to jump in there. And. 

[00:17:56] neddko nedkov: [00:17:56] it’s the lack of platform and the lack of the way we do it, we do it with a file for every podcast. So it’s like public profile and you can browse search for statistics search for, based on like category or search engine.

[00:18:11] you can find the most relevant podcasts. And so like, since you’re in a specific category, for sure they can, they’ll find you in it. And, that’s that’s the interesting, that’s the interesting thing to make it like more like open infrastructure, because currently there are a few marketplaces out there, but they have like minimum doubts.

[00:18:32] and also the thing is like unique to it’s. How he breeds agents in marketplace. And I’m more trying to open it, like, you know, fiber. Sure. Pretty like open marketplace, peer to peer markets where both sides can directly chat and all this, and then they can, close a deal or, or they can directly buy from the offers.

[00:18:55] so we are trying to do the same, just we do, like one step more with a profile where we are going to get the statistics from different, podcasts statistics sites. And so it makes it easy for you to find two sort of podcasts by, reviews by episodes or what they were. And so by category. And so, so does it, does it pull 

[00:19:17] mike: [00:19:17] the reviews from, from, from the main page or how does it get re is it just inside like, like a fiverr it’s reviews inside or that kind of reviews?

[00:19:26]neddko nedkov: [00:19:26] well, right now, right now, the reviews are mostly like, we are like april or reveals in all those. And it’s like sorting part, but on the secondary part, we are building, it’s a marketplace where every podcaster will be able to list his offers. And so there’ll be like, literally you can say it as a cost-free thoughts, cost in sort of that, which is like, they send you file if they want to have specific commercial and so requesting therapy.

[00:19:55] and those three offers would be, you can have literally pricing, listed there, or you can care for like the request price. Of course, if you want to. And so you can chat directly with, with the palletizer in you, you have like a dashboard where you can chat directly with the. With the advertiser with like influencer agencies, brands, e-commerce brands or whoever kevin has interest, 

[00:20:20] mike: [00:20:20] I’ve got about six people.

[00:20:21] I need to introduce you to write out the gate. They all have their own podcasts.  Then obviously we’re probably going to end up signing up with you too, because that just makes absolute sense when you have, when you have more control over your brand,  and the app and the advertisers that can come to you directly.

[00:20:37] you don’t have to worry so much now, obviously, as a professional, you need to know your own brand enough to know who, 

[00:20:44] neddko nedkov: [00:20:44] so be able to find a audience and all those books. If you don’t have public access to find out it’s very hard for you to, you need to do it. Like literally the agents model one by one outreaching.

[00:20:58] we need to also do that because we are, in product market fit. We are doing all over the place right now. I believe that the division, what we are doing is five or four podcasts we can say, because they’re like, 800,000 to 1 million podcasts, like active ones and probably one of the first five to 10003rd, let’s say monetize is properly.

[00:21:23] it’s not their fault or any fault. It’s just how it’s right now, the market, because you’re the most popular 200.  

[00:21:32] mike: [00:21:32] You know, it’s interesting that you, you mentioned that most brands understand what micro influencers are for. 

[00:21:40] but when they get to the podcast realm, it’s like, they forgot all about it.

[00:21:44] neddko nedkov: [00:21:44] and do you know, why is this? Because there are no solutions yet. It’s not really that they don’t understand, but it’s really hard to do it because if they have to do manually like two, 3000 podcasters find your, 

[00:21:59] mike: [00:21:59] there’s no, there’s no, there’s no platform for it. You’re you’re  

[00:22:02] there’s platforms for influencers and micro influencers, but that’s for like people that post pictures and videos. 

[00:22:08]neddko nedkov: [00:22:08] it’s for instagram, youtube and that’s it. Cause cause you know, the podcasts medium is very interesting. It’s more centralized. And while you’re in youtube or an instagram, you have one platform with all the influencers, the one place you can work with the api, so you can manage to aggregate and all those details.

[00:22:31] but when you go to podcasts, it’s like, well, I have email, I have twitter, I have website.  So that’s what would be the fun part? Decide that. So what else? It’s, it’s a hard work, but, it would be great to do it 

[00:22:45] mike: [00:22:45] once, once you got it. Sure. Apis to all of those guys, you’ll be fine. I, that, from, from everybody that I’ve talked to, that’s had to go through that process of getting all the social stuff pulled in.

[00:22:54] it’s a matter of getting the api to talk. Once you get that done, it’s just, it’s a push button after that. And you’ll be very happy when it’s all over and it’s, then it’s settled. It’s a pain in the butt to get it done. But once it’s in there, but even then, even before that brother, I think what you’re doing here, it’s what I consider blue ocean, you know? There’s  nobody else out there doing what you’re doing. 

[00:23:20] neddko I mean, well, we, we, we have no problem to list somebody with $50 or somebody with $50,000. It doesn’t matter for us because it’s, it’s the technology is there. The marketplace is there and whoever wants to list that way, maybe a small business can also do like 20 bucks, 50 bucks, 100  and the bronx tool can do, like, I dunno, a few thousands 

[00:23:45] mike: [00:23:45] or whatever. It’s a, it’s a mention on it. It’s a mention in the midst of, of a, of a podcast. I mean, I there’s, because I work with these guys. You know, this is one of our, this is one of our clients, if you will. I’m kind of, I’m kind of insight on this one, but it’s it’s  it’s, it’s a, it’s a rice spirits company.

[00:24:03] it’s, it’s literally a, I don’t know if you’ve ever had a white rye or a rive or something like that. That’s essentially what it’s like. And they do everything natural and it’s the only reason why I would ever wear this is because I don’t drink. And if I do this one is the one that I don’t get a hangover with.

[00:24:23] So it’s the only one that I’ll drink. Now, if I do, I’ve got a bottle that’s been sitting up on my fridge for the last, I think three months and I’m just barely halfway through it.  I haven’t, I just don’t. I just don’t drink, but I’ll promote alpha mode all day. I’ll do this, but if 

[00:24:39] You care for occasion, you know, if you can always enjoy it, but he decides they want to send me a hat as far as being a, being a sponsor for one of the shows.

[00:24:48] and 20 bucks, 50 bucks, I’m big, I’m big enough. And small enough that I’m happy to do that. You know, like  you just created the platform that was not available to do what I just said. I would do.  Cause you gotta be honest with yourself. I mean, we’re not, we’re not, we’re not a huge podcast. We have to be honest with who we are, 

[00:25:06] but still you’ll you’ll have a  value.

[00:25:10] neddko nedkov: [00:25:10] so it’s already there. 

[00:25:11] mike: [00:25:11] we do have value. So there needs to be some kind of, and this goes back again, for those of you that are listening. If you’ve got a podcast, you have to be honest with yourself. You need to understand your value. 

[00:25:21] neddko nedkov: [00:25:21] You have to know your value with yourself to know like the cpms usually go, you know, 25 35, something like this, it depends on how many downloads.

[00:25:31] so this is like the market regular pricing, you know, but since you have downloads, you can really be realistic in this. And also that’s another good thing to have a marketplace where you can compare yourself and this yourself you’re offering consent pricing properly. And this way the market will grow or how to say cell phone to a doctor.

[00:25:54] so more brands and more small businesses, because it will be open. They will be able to browse to see that. 

[00:26:02] mike: [00:26:02] And that I would say that in and of itself is going to make it a lot tastier for podcasters simply because it is an open marketplace where if they, if they. I don’t know if they can do this, but if they wanted to, they could reach out to advertisers and go while I’m over here.

[00:26:18] if you want to come and take a look at some of our offerings, it’s easier than sending out immediately.  

[00:26:24] neddko nedkov: [00:26:24] We’ll make it very easy for them to link to their profile. It’s public and open profile. So we’ll make it super easy for them too, to link it, to share it over the place. 

[00:26:34]mike: [00:26:34] I got some people to send to you.

[00:26:35] that’s for sure. This is a great thing. And what is it? Oh, so you started out with a certain name. What was the first name?

[00:26:41] neddko nedkov: [00:26:41]  It was since our previous pro project was podvertizer. We decided this will be, but it sounds way, way better. And we found a great man. It will be with z. That’s cool. 

[00:26:59] mike: [00:26:59] that makes absolute sense. 

[00:27:02] is it up, is it up and launched or are you guys still working on  it?

[00:27:05] neddko nedkov: [00:27:05] It’s up in line.  And so you kept like down in the footer, you kept like free registration for  register.  And so we are open brands, also have like a page for marketing for brands.

[00:27:20] so we’re really open to communicate, discuss, and you can find me on linkedin also 

[00:27:25] mike: [00:27:25] we’re connected on linkedin. So you and I will definitely be talking more because besides the six that I have to refer to you, I’ve got some ideas on how to push what you got further into our market for podcasters. So there’s, there’s, we’ll, we’ll, we’ll, we’ll discuss how to make that work too.

[00:27:41] thank you. And we’re we’re at another 15 minutes. I already went that fast. Holy crap. What are some of the things and we’ll, we’ll, we’ll kind of do this on the, on the slightly shorter than usual because we’re, we’re, we’re running, dude. What are some of the things that inspire you? What are, what, what kept you going in the midst of all of this?

[00:28:00] because you spent time in architecture, obviously that was what you were going to do. And then you happened into this. What are some of the things that inspire you? Is it books? Is it, is it there, are there people that you follow online or is it, is it just one day you woke up and all of a sudden, you know, there was.

[00:28:18] how did that, how did that come about?  

[00:28:20] neddko nedkov: [00:28:20] I think it’s like, it all counts like over the years since, like i, I really like communication online with the words of, friends from all over the world, teenager years, and then I’ve met like different kinds of. Well, probably intrepreneurs without knowing their intrepreneurs again, think like, 

[00:28:41] mike: [00:28:41] how that works, huh?

[00:28:44]neddko nedkov: [00:28:44]  and so it’s, it’s like, you, you, you start to have this, how to say, you know, you use the patient to develop something and you’ll see, wow. This went on the, on the news. Wow. This one’s like. Thousands of visitors as well, this one, this way, and you stay in those communities and you cannot not get inspired things, you know, you want to do this?

[00:29:06] well, it was pretty much that’s how, and also I met like a friend who was into marketing seo and all this, and he, he really inspired me over the years to rank a small site rank, this rank this, and then over the time it happened to be like my passion.  Pretty much it’s kept on nature, right? 

[00:29:28] mike: [00:29:28] I mean, that’s, that’s a hell of a shift from architecture and online marketing.

[00:29:31] that’s like completely 

[00:29:33] neddko nedkov: [00:29:33] different directions. But if you think like what I’m building now is the marketplaces with like architecture infrastructure. 

[00:29:42] mike: [00:29:42] oh, I know. 

[00:29:45] neddko nedkov: [00:29:45] it’s still like, you have to see the thing from above to figure out like,  so trying to, to have that kind of vision 

[00:29:55] mike: [00:29:55] ties the architect of, of podcast advertising.

[00:30:01]neddko nedkov: [00:30:01] thank you. I’m a used that’s  

[00:30:04] mike: [00:30:04] feel free. That’s just that off the top of the head that I’ve got other guys that’ll come up with even better ones. Trust me. Some of them you’re going to end up being introduced to as well. One of them, Sean Douglas, is a very good friend of mine is he’s been on this, on this podcast and I’ve been on his, he’s got a thing called life transformation, radio.

[00:30:21] amazing. Guy’s got this thing called the success core, great movement behind it. But he’s one of those guys that talks about finding sponsors for your own podcast, so you can monetize them. 

[00:30:31] neddko nedkov: [00:30:31] That’s the other thing we really open it’s for, for everybody. So if your agency or a podcast representative who has a portfolio, which we don’t, we have like a silver account.

[00:30:45] so, you know, you can list podcasts on their behalf and you play the whole thing. So we don’t bother with like limiting kenya one or anything gets really. Publicly open. 

[00:30:57] mike: [00:30:57] that’s going to be, that’s going to be wildly valuable. Cause there’s a few agencies that I’m sure that would. 

[00:31:02]neddko nedkov: [00:31:02]  I think a lot of agencies, they are, they’re doing super great job because we’ll, whatever marketplace is great thing.

[00:31:09] but after all, there are some, but on specifications to rate manual curation and all this. So it’s, it’s great for us to work with agencies to, to manage, on both sides. They can, the representative, they can be also biased. 

[00:31:24] mike: [00:31:24] that’s cool. That’s that’s that’s awesome. That’s cool. That’s good to hear, to  try to be kind of like part of the whole. Well, if, if you’re, if you’re doing anything like five or that’s the smartest thing you could do, that’s I think that’s the one thing that fiber doesn’t do is offer agencies and opening like that, which you are. Of course, of course this niche begs it it’s  needed for, for medicines.

[00:31:50] neddko It’s definitely needed. 

[00:31:50]  so i, I decided that just make it like this simple for some agency can represent if they want to come with podcasts and they can do that’s 

[00:32:02] mike: [00:32:02] awesome. That’s awesome. Actually, that that’s we, there’s some fun ideas that I have about that one too. So we’ll, we’ll definitely discuss that again.

[00:32:10] You guys wouldn’t take another short 30 second break. This is, this is. Running a little faster than I had anticipated. Sometimes we have too much fun. It’s just kinda how it goes. In 30 seconds, we’ll be back. We’re going to talk a little bit more about how you can find, obviously you heard about podvertizer.

[00:32:26] we’re gonna talk a little bit more about how you can find nicco and learn a little bit more about what his future plans are. So we’ll be back in 30 seconds.


 Last section here in java chat, hanging out with Neddko with That’s e r right, not o r. 

[00:32:43]neddko nedkov: [00:32:43] it’s a  z e r 

[00:32:46] mike: [00:32:46] z e r. Okay. Cool. Cool.

[00:32:49] so for Neddko, now we know where you’ve been. We know what you’ve done, we know what you’re doing. What’s the end game. What, where do you, where do you want to end up after all of this? What is what’s that what’s that cost future? 

[00:33:03] neddko nedkov: [00:33:03] all  the vision is for sure, to be fun too, make this marketplace like, really adopted on the market and, you know, to have like maybe a few thousands or even more, active podcasters, both sides, small businesses and brands also as well and agencies to use it on a daily basis.

[00:33:28] so that would be really what’s. We are focusing for probably a year, maybe more to do that, as onboarding process, product, market fit and all those things. And overall, really to, I believe this, this is like a lifetime project for, for me and for my team also it’s like, 

[00:33:50] mike: [00:33:50] how big is the team? 

[00:33:51]neddko nedkov: [00:33:51] the team is five people right now, the core team, but we have also a few freelancers.

[00:33:56] so we have like two developers where two marketers, also one guy who isn’t finance’s documentation for place and all this. So we have like a few different freelancers. So, 

[00:34:11] mike: [00:34:11] but for, but for you for Neddko, this is, this is the lifetime achievement award. This is, this is what you’re, this is what you want.

[00:34:18] neddko nedkov: [00:34:18] I think,  it’s my thesis. 

[00:34:21] mike: [00:34:21] once you’re going to put the flag up on top and god Neddko mountain. 

[00:34:26]neddko nedkov: [00:34:26]  Cause it’s cool. You know, over the journey, you are really researching yourself, searching yourself, the projects and all this. And at some point you say, okay, I think this is my thinking.

[00:34:37]  so right now we’ve on the market is saying that this is your, this is your thing. So it’s 

[00:34:42] mike: [00:34:42] interesting how that works. Isn’t  it? 

[00:34:44] neddko nedkov: I never expected it this way. My previous ventures is like more, you’re trying harder, harder, harder, and there are some achievements, but they’re slowly achievements loss and it’s like moving.

[00:34:57] slowly forward, but here it’s like very interesting. It’s like what supports from the podcast? That is the insurance, of course. And I think we are having great value because I can say the podcast medium is really interesting and I really get addicted to listen to podcasts now. And it’s really, really, really interesting for us.

[00:35:17] a lot 

[00:35:17] mike: [00:35:17] of good ones. I wish I had time in the day to listen to them all. There’s some great stuff out there. 

[00:35:23]neddko nedkov: [00:35:23] and I didn’t know about the whole, this world before 2020 before the covid-19. I mean, I’ve heard, there are some, maybe I’ve list some here and there. Like something from joe rogan 

[00:35:35] mike: [00:35:35] or, oh, you just didn’t, you just didn’t know how deep it got you. You knew it was available. You just didn’t know what was really going on. I gotcha. I gotcha. 

[00:35:41] neddko nedkov: [00:35:41] I wasn’t, let’s say I didn’t use it very often. They’re like 

[00:35:47] mike: [00:35:47] You weren’t a pocastee. You weren’t 

[00:35:48] one of those guys that just listened to podcasts. So it’s such an interesting story. I’ll share it with you when I first found it, because podcasting has been around for a bit.

[00:35:58] I learned about, anchor that fm, which is where we host our podcast. I heard about them back in 2017, which is when I started recording at the time. It was just an app. There wasn’t an online web version. So I used to do it on my phone and it was just me, just me talking. I would walk my son to school.

[00:36:16] and our walk to school is a mile up and a mile back. And on the way back down, I have enough time to, you know, cut a quick podcast and I just talk, 

[00:36:24] neddko nedkov: [00:36:24] which is great. It’s because it’s, you know, native content 

[00:36:27] mike: [00:36:27] native content, it was, it was something that, hey guys, this was on my mind today at one of the shifts.

[00:36:35]neddko nedkov: [00:36:35] that’s the best way.

[00:36:43] mike: [00:36:43] When you have it at a point where. I have a thought I want to share. I was able to do that on just this little lab. And at first I didn’t think much of it was something fun to do. I started getting into the community and the community had other mini podcasters like me and they were, they were interested in what I had to say.

[00:37:38] that blew my mind. 

[00:37:40]neddko nedkov: [00:37:40] that’s kind of slacked off. It gets interesting. You start to feel part of the, of the community. 

[00:37:48] mike: [00:37:48] that’s what got the beginning interest going once it got to a point like last year 2019 people started saying he should do interviews. I mean, so-and-so did interviews and podcasts and they, they actually use it as a platform to learn.

[00:38:07] and I thought, duh, why haven’t I been doing this? All these people. I respect, they love getting out on these podcasts because it helps their brand. I’ve been here. I’ve been here, I’ve been here. And then people go and listen to the podcast because they love their information. You know, there’s, there’s a few people that I want to bring on this podcast.

[00:38:26] David Meltzer, somebody I just reached out to great guy, believes that success starts with gratitude. Hey, dave. I actually believe that too. That’s pretty damn cool. Can I have you on my show? He’s like, sure.  I’ll just send this over here. I I’d love to have Jordan Peterson. He’s somebody that I listened to and follow because 

[00:38:47] The man knows psychology inside and out, and he talks about, he’s got a book called 12 rules, 12 rules for life.

[00:38:55] If you ever get a chance to get that book? Get it. It’s awesome. He brings such a. Real view to life and what matters. And he gets a little emotional. If you get the, if you get the audio version, he gets a little emotional about his story of his daughter. 

[00:39:14] You need to dedicate it’s like. you probably were listening to the whole weekend. 

[00:39:22] oh, you would. I, I had a, I had, so I picked it up as an audio book and anytime I went for a walk, that’s what I was listening to, that book was done in about a week. And then of course, all of the other books that I listened to, but these are people that I would love to have on there because I know that that, although they’ve probably spoken on a hundred to a thousand other podcasts, somewhere in the one that they jumped in on with me, they’re going to share something that they didn’t share.

[00:39:46] or there’s something new that they learned.  I get to share that with my little audience. 

[00:39:52] neddko nedkov: [00:39:52] certainly it’s a personal talk and it’s a much different way to people to see you, to see you actually, and who is behind this platform.  Behind those banners or whatever, you know, great book posts, which all 

[00:40:07] it’s all great. But, you, you want all sorts of heard about the person. So it’s a great, it’s totally different major podcasts is very, very, interesting and personal. And I believe even. Better than the cost rates, sponsorships can be even like, you know, part of the content that it could be way more native in the content and way better.

[00:40:32] so it’s, I think it’s, it’s, it’s really great. So, much, of, peer to peer communication. Shannon’s peer to peer personal, not personal, but you can say kind of personal, vouching for some kind of. Product to 

[00:40:49] mike: [00:40:49] service, or what would you give as a piece of advice, having gone through what you’ve gone through to anybody else’s thinking about being the entrepreneur?


[00:41:03] what’s a good piece of advice that you could give them that would tell them, you know, this is what’s coming, but here’s what you should do. 

[00:41:11]neddko nedkov: [00:41:11] well, from my experience, I would tell them to try. As fast as more things and to really not, awaits or, you know, depends on one thing. And one idea that is all right, great or something, but it’s almost working or maybe we’ll start to do it and really to, to not, wait and to challenge themselves, to really.

[00:41:38] remove their own limits. Cause usually it’s, we do that on our own end. With time, we start to see the example. Probably just for great examples and really just get it done. 

[00:41:51] it will be broken anyways, the first few years. It’s not the other way. No other, 

[00:41:58] mike: [00:41:58] i, I agree. That’s, that’s, that’s a great piece of advice, actually.

[00:42:01] neddko nedkov: [00:42:01] yes. Do you feel, if you lose six months in, in the wrong ideas, you will be six years in not testing or per year. 

[00:42:11] mike: [00:42:11] so that goes back to the old, what is it? The master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried. 

[00:42:20] that’s usually what it comes down to. Cool. What’s this is the last question for you and this one’s pretty, pretty just, what’s the biggest challenge that you’re facing right now with what you’re dealing with.

[00:42:32] neddko nedkov: [00:42:32] all  so maybe I didn’t know that much about that, but usually since I’m more international, it’s really hard for me to close deals because it’s also not my nature. I don’t, I don’t push, push, sell, sell. I’m more like trying to build partnerships. So that’s why I really liked the. The marketplace, because it’s more like, you know, you, you give the opportunity and at some point you, you still have to outreach to talk to brands and all this, but if, if it doesn’t close today, I started to say myself that’s okay.

[00:43:07] because over time, if they see the value, if they see, like when we have portfolio of few thousand, podcasts they’ll anyways. So I believe that is my biggest challenge. Like, you know, how to properly, manage the business and the business and the whole thing to next level where they are. Of course, every country has different culture differences.

[00:43:33  and I believe that’s my thing to learn in 2021 

[00:43:37] mike: [00:43:37] and international businesses, not an easy one to manage that. That’s for sure. I’ve been there. I’ve  I’ve had to take the 21 hour flight all the way out to the malaysia. and I  have just from la to singapore was enough for it to drive them insane, but.

[00:43:54] you know, thankfully my, my little, my little box had, had a game on it, so I could actually play and watch the movies. It was fun, but, okay. That’s cool. And so… how 

[00:44:04] do people find you? 

[00:44:05]neddko nedkov: [00:44:05] sure. So they can find, the website on with z and also they can, find me in linkedin, Neddko Nedkov, and,  pretty much that’s the easiest way.

[00:44:23] mike: [00:44:23] awesome. And then those, those will be done in the comments. We always take all the links to social and stuff like that. That way people can just click on it. It can follow you, but for the guys on the podcast or listening, I want to make sure they hear that. So that again, that’s pod or p o d v e r t i z e

[00:44:38] Okay. So in case you guys want to, if you’ve got a podcast by the way, and you’re listening to this, go check them out. Obviously it’s, it’s something that is in demand. It’s a chance for you as a, as a podcast. To gain advertisers. Rich free registration 

[00:44:59] neddko nedkov: [00:44:59] is a good thing.

[00:45:00] everything is free. We just charge for a per sale, 10% commission per sale. That’s if I were, 

[00:45:05] mike: [00:45:05] jesus was hardly anything. My goodness. That’s perfect. 

[00:45:08]neddko nedkov: [00:45:08] I little bit cheaper, but  

[00:45:10] mike: [00:45:10] the fight around pot advertising. That’s this is, this is cool, dude. We got stuff to talk about. This is going to be fun.

[00:45:18] y’all know how we love to end this. We do it the same way every time. If you’re watching us on youtube subscribe and the bell bell tells you when we, when we got another one coming, not any other podcasting platforms. Thank you for listening. Subscribe. If you’re listening on anchor and you’d like to support our new podcast, feel free to do so every bit helps.

[00:45:42] we always say the same thing. Stay up, stay safe, stay healthy and live from Neddko and myself, coffee with mike. Chow for now.

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