Joy Dushey – Just Breathe

Joy Dushey: [00:00:00] Who wants, but they who want to plant a coffee. I just make coffee. You want a cup of coffee? Hey, who I’ve talked to anybody else? Block off days. Oh my God. And now it’s time for the man with the caffeine, the new tropics for the brain. It’s coffee with Mike, hang in, hang tight, grab your cup and let’s get this thing started.

[00:00:27] Mike: [00:00:27] Hey everybody. Welcome back to Java chat. This is coffee with Mike and I get the distinct pleasure of sitting down with a very interesting character and we will be, uh, digging in here shortly. Uh, please welcome to the podcast, Mrs. Joy Dushey. Did I say that right? 

[00:00:44] Joy Dushey: [00:00:44] Yes, he did. Thank you. It’s an honor to be here. 

[00:00:47] Mike: [00:00:47] Smoking. We were just kind of be pretty sure he was just mentioning just, you know, how long it’s taken for people to kind of get her name right now. Everybody’s getting it right. Me. I’m still working on it. Of course. I’ve got the, I’ve got the wonderfully interesting name of Kaleikeini. So it’s, it’s not exactly, you know, everybody thinks I’m Italian.

[00:01:04] I have no Italian to me. No, it’s not even Greek. It’s not Greek either. It’s Hawaiian. Um, 

[00:01:13] Joy Dushey: [00:01:13] Oh, that’s so cool. 

[00:01:14] Mike: [00:01:14] Yeah. Well it’s so it’s, it’s funny. I had to learn how to explain my last name to people and it took me 10 years to figure it out. I says, everybody knows what a flower lei is, right? 

[00:01:24] Joy Dushey: [00:01:24] Yeah. 

[00:01:25] Mike: [00:01:25] So you put a car in front of it, Ka-lei. And just altogether Kalei, and then on the backend Keeney, and then everybody, all of a sudden, now everybody’s getting my last name and I’m like, oh man..

[00:01:35] Joy Dushey: [00:01:35] I love it. It’s fun. Kaleikini. It’s like a, it’s like a Lei bikini, like Kaleikini. 

[00:01:43] Mike: [00:01:43] A lei bikini. Well that just went in the wrong direction. But anyway, I’ll have to remember that though. That’s kind of an interesting—from my understanding, it translates to the lay with a multitude of flowers, which generally denotes, um, uh, family, you know, a large family. So anyway, thank you. But we’re not here about me. We’re here about you. So give us a little bit of background and what is it? Who’s Joy Dushey. Where, where are you from? What do you do? And, and what’s. What gets you going? What’s, what’s your, what’s your deal? 

[00:02:21] Joy Dushey: [00:02:21] Okay. So I am–

[00:02:24] Mike: [00:02:24] Boy, did I just leave that one wide open, didn’t I? 

[00:02:26] Joy Dushey: [00:02:26] Yeah, you really did because you know, I’ve been, uh, In this exploration of that question, I’m just listening to a podcast that I just aired, um, with somebody who’s very, very deep into, uh, the question of like, who am I extrapolating all these like labels and identities. And so, um, I’m called a holistic and spiritual guide. I’m a transformative coach. I, yeah, I facilitate with—in a modality that’s called breathwork, which is really an alchemical breathwork. 

[00:03:03] Mike: [00:03:03] Yeah. I’ve heard of it. 

[00:03:05] Joy Dushey: [00:03:05] Yeah. And that’s, that’s a very. Big part of what I do, um, with the transform—transformative coaching, uh, also a podcast host and, uh, I’m a mom. I’m actually a grandmother now. 

[00:03:21] Mike: [00:03:21] No…

[00:03:22] Joy Dushey: [00:03:22] Yeah. I have a 15-month-old baby granddaughter. And, um, you know, essentially I’m really just a human here on the planet that loves—you know, I feel this very, um, I would say this altruistic, uh, vocation of just helping people in the world just to create positive impact and share from my own experiences. What has worked for me, all the research, all the learnings and offer a space for healing, for those to heal. 

[00:03:58] Mike: [00:03:58] Most of my guests that are in this realm, the healing, health, and wellness and stuff like that, usually have a tough story that they came from, a background that was pretty debilitating. And I know you kind of mentioned it in some of your, your bio. You obviously didn’t get here by chance. There was something that happened. So why don’t you tell us a little bit about that? 

[00:04:22] Joy Dushey: [00:04:22] Sure. Uh, thank you. Uh, it’s been a journey, uh, I’d say about 20 years ago, I experienced great adversity in my life. Uh, I suffered an ischemic stroke. Um, that was really like the, I would say that was like the catalyst of, of this great awakening to living this, uh, very multi-dimensional spiritual life that I, I get to live now. Um, but it was a journey, you know, and, and there was so much pain, uh, you know, that led up to that ischemic stroke, um, emotional pain, uh, lots of anxiety, um, some depression, PTSD post-traumatic stress disorder. Um, I lost my brother nine years before the stroke to a very tragic death. And, um, it was very, very traumatic for me and caused lots of emotional pain that I just held and suppressed. And I didn’t, um, you know, I didn’t, I didn’t have any way of really releasing that. And I felt that, you know, I’m a big believer in, you know, emotional pain will, uh, manifest into physical pain if you don’t deal with it. And so that’s what happened with me, I believe. And, um, when I suffered with this very, uh, you know, scary near death experience of the stroke. Uh, it changed everything for me because it was that time that I was forced into this stop. Like I just could not run anymore and numb the pain and not fulfill with external things. And, um, and it was a very dark year of recovering, um, where I started to seek, you know, um, and ask myself the question.

[00:06:18] Like I was willing to face that pain in a very dark way, um, in that darkness. But there was something that I held onto that I believe was from the divine. It was like, uh, you know, and that was hope. And that’s what ultimately led to this beautiful awakening to what was, how I was going to shift lots of things in my life that were no longer serving in order to get back to that beautiful connection to my core, myself, and realize that I was so worthy of living this way more dimensional way of living.

[00:06:58] And so 11 months after the stroke, I was given the okay to actually like, you know, that I was okay to move my body again and, um, and go about my life. Um, and it was just remarkable cause I started running and I got the, the running was a very, it was just this incredible experience of connecting to my body in a whole different way.

[00:07:24] And I just felt so much freedom from that. And I began, um, this love affair with connecting, you know, the mind body spirit connection. There was like this, this union that’s started to really awaken to me in every aspect of my life. And I then ran a marathon as the celebration to my—

[00:07:47] Mike: [00:07:47] Really?

[00:07:48] Joy Dushey: [00:07:48] Yeah. Um, and it was, that was it like, it was an infectious, you know, journey from then on and where I started to seek all things, um, from that, from the holistic realms, from the esoteric sand, um, all of this energy healing, and it was just this, you know, I definitely went through some hurdles along the way, but fast forward to where I am today. I now have a practice for about five years where I am.

[00:08:16] Um, it’s pretty steady, um, with facilitating a lot of, yeah, sessions for people that do, you know, whatever it is that they’re seeking in their life. If it’s, you know, just being curious about, um, some kind of shift, you know, feeling like, oh, there’s all, you know, there’s a wide spectrum, right? Some people come to me with severe anxiety. Some people are even, uh, suicidal like they’re, you know, and then there are, there are the very mild, you know, the, uh, cases of, you know, not really feeling, um, whole within themselves or that they’re just, you know, curious about awakening to, um, just, you know, more expanded, a more expanded way of living. So there’s, there’s all kinds.

[00:09:06] And I just love to meet people wherever they are, you know, it doesn’t matter. It’s like I ran into someone the other day and she was like, I would love to start working with you and I’ve never meditated a day in my life and I don’t know what that’s like. And I, you know, and there was this intimidation and I was like, Oh my gosh, I can’t wait to work with you. And, and she was like, really? And I said, of course, you know, I, I love people that have never meditated, you know, working with people that have never meditated or think that they’re not spiritual or they think they’re not holistic. And then I, you know, and those that are advanced and whatever in self-development, it doesn’t matter.

[00:09:45] It’s like, we’re all this, we’re all the same, essentially. It’s, you know, and, and, um, and yeah. Yeah. And I believe we’re also worthy of living a more enriched life and that’s, you know, that’s what this is all about. It’s like really helping people to see that, that the, that everybody, no matter who you are on the planet has like the gift within, and we all have that light within us. And it’s just about like unveiling that and, and, you know, and expanding that light so that we get to live more 

[00:10:21] Mike: [00:10:21] Smoking. That is awesome. That is awesome. So while you were talking, the reason why you saw me look away is because I’m sitting down writing questions.

[00:10:29] Um, cause we have a little, we have a thing where. It’s obvious you’re enjoying what you’re doing, understanding the pain and the previous of what was, um, sometimes it’s massive. Like in your case it was a stroke. Sometimes it’s not some massive, but there are other things that people, you know, like, well, what did you do before the stroke?  What, what were you, what was your career back then? Like, stuff like that. What did you do before that whole thing hit? And what were, what were you up to?

[00:11:01] Joy Dushey: [00:11:01] Yeah. Um, so I was a full-time mom to two little girls and I, my daughter is, you could say they’re like my, I’m – they’re my everything. I love. I loved being that. I knew that I didn’t want to work while they were still so young because I, I just felt that that was my purpose in life at that time. However, I struggled so much as a mom to these beautiful young daughters. Because I was in so much emotional pain and suffering, and I had to keep that quiet. And I felt so much inadequacy because I felt that I, you know, this was my, I couldn’t be a normal mother.

[00:11:48] If I was, you know, suffering while I was at the playground with them, not present with them. So that’s what I was really up to. You know, I was a wife, I was a mom, um, uh, friends and, and, and that was really, you know, it. 

[00:12:03] Mike: [00:12:03] And then, and then, and then the stroke hits and all of a sudden… 

[00:12:07] Joy Dushey: [00:12:07] Boom. 

[00:12:08] Mike: [00:12:08] Yeah, yeah. It’s like wiped away in 50 seconds or less, 60 seconds. Excuse me. The old title. Um, when you’re done with all of that, excuse me. When you’re done with all of that, obviously, the event has happened. You now realize that there’s a lot more going on than you previously thought, like you said you were repressing and it was, it was, it was obviously, did you in.

[00:12:35] Where did you start from there? I mean, what did you start where you’re at now? You’ve obviously been through a number of journeys, but where did it start? When you finally realized, okay, this isn’t going to work? This isn’t this isn’t going to work short-term or long-term this isn’t going to happen. What did you start doing?

[00:12:53] I mean, how did you start finding these different, these different mo – um, what’s the word, modalities, these, these different platforms that you can start going? Oh, wait a minute. You mean, I don’t have to hold on all of this crap. I can actually, I can actually work through it or work with it or use it even to my advantage. Where, where did that start kicking in? 

[00:13:11] Joy Dushey: [00:13:11] I love that question, Michael. Thank you. So the first thing before anything is course correcting right. And, and assessing, okay. What literally, you know, just what makes me feel alive and what doesn’t. It’s like, what do I need to let go of? What do I need to add out? Edit out of my life. Right. And so all of the things that we were doing before, like going out and, uh, just numbing and drinking and all of that stuff that was like just numbing the pain and. You know, the excessive shopping and the, all those things. 

[00:13:48] Mike: [00:13:48] Wait, wait, wait, that’s not good? I can’t do that?

[00:13:52] Joy Dushey: [00:13:52] I mean.

[00:13:52] Mike: [00:13:52] Amazon’s going to hate me this month. 

[00:13:56] Joy Dushey: [00:13:56] You know what I’m talking about? We all have our biases, but it’s, it was just like all of those things that I thought I was, you know, that I was seeking fulfillment from, that were not really nourishing me. 

[00:14:07] Mike: [00:14:07] Right. 

[00:14:07] Joy Dushey: [00:14:07] It was time, you know, I’m sorry to say this, but even friendships that I didn’t feel were, uh, serving friendships where I felt, you know, like true, you know, nourishment and reciprocity. 

[00:14:20] Mike: [00:14:20] Yeah. 

[00:14:21] Joy Dushey: [00:14:21] Um, and so that, you know, and, and the lifestyle and the shifting, you know, so all of that first and foremost, and then it was okay, what are the things that I’m, you know, little synchronicities would just like drop in. And it was like, okay, I heard these, I heard these two trainers at the gym talking about this holistic guru that, you know, um, talks about the holistic lifestyle and, and his name is Paul Chek. And then.

[00:14:50] Mike: [00:14:50] Oh, Paul.

[00:14:51] Joy Dushey: [00:14:51] You know Paul? 

[00:14:52] Not personally, but yes, I know Paul, if you don’t know Paul, you’re missing out. I think, you know, I should probably bring him on here too. Cause he is phenomenal. 

[00:15:01] Well, Paul is very dear to me. So I actually mentored with him one-on-one. 

[00:15:07] Mike: [00:15:07] Oh that had to been awesome.

[00:15:09] Joy Dushey: [00:15:09] It was incredible. I’ll never forget my first, um, session with him and he’s just showing up. 

[00:15:14] Mike: [00:15:14] He’s really awesome. I mean, I, I followed some of the stuff, read his books and so on and was doing some of his training and I gotta get back to that because that’s a guy that just. He gets it. He gets the human anatomy. He gets the human being. He gets, he gets it. Well, I’m jealous. I’m just going to tell you that I’m jealous. 

[00:15:32] Joy Dushey: I know, I have to get him on my podcast too. I’ve been waiting, it’s just like, you know, he’s like, um.

[00:15:38] Mike: He’s popular. 

[00:15:39] Joy Dushey: [00:15:39] Paul. I want to say Paul was my first mentor and he, um, is the pioneer of holistic, you know, he’s like the grandpa of like all these guys out there, like Ben Greenfield and, you know, they’re amazing.

[00:15:52] But like, Paul is like, he’s like the original, like, pioneer. So I got to actually mentor with him and work with him one-on-one, which was such an amazing privilege in my life. And then I also did, you know, the out HLC 1 and I just always followed, um, the Chek methodology. And that was my starting point, um, for me and personally. And I started to share that with other people and that just was like, it led to so many other, uh, curiosities and things that I dabbled with along the way, I’m, I’m an athlete as well. Um, I went off to run like 14 marathons and trained competitively with running and then 

[00:16:37] Mike: [00:16:37] Only 14? Slacker. 

[00:16:39] Joy Dushey: [00:16:39] Yeah. Um, you know, and rammed – ran races of all distances, but essentially it was always about like connecting the mind, body, soul through those experiences. And then all of these amazing, um, healing modalities that I got, I became very curious about. Um, I had a, I had an amazing experience with meditation, with biofeedback, where I started to practice my, um, meditation just like the Navy Seals I was working with this coach. That was fantastic and helped me shift the architecture of my brain.

[00:17:15] So each [inaudible] started to diminish and I became super flexible. Went from like living very rigid to living. Oh my God. Like spontaneous. And like, that was a whole different awakening. And then, yeah. And then I found breathwork and that was life-changing for me. That was where I knew that’s really, when I knew I had to start this practice and incorporate everything, um, that I facilitate with today, which I called the alchemy, which is just like this fusion of lots of intuitive things that I get plus breathwork.

[00:17:54] And the breathwork was, um, I was traveling to LA uh, from New York. I traveled to LA for four years, um, steadily for about, uh, a week every month. And I was, and that’s where I did a lot of training with David Elliott for the breathwork, and then, you know.

[00:18:14] Mike: [00:18:14] Nice, ok, I know that name too good. 

[00:18:17] Joy Dushey: [00:18:17] Yeah. He’s wonderful, great mentor. So yeah, that’s pretty much like the journey.

[00:18:23] Mike: [00:18:23] So it just came as it came basically, is what you’re saying. I had a question, you’ve, you’ve run 14 marathons or probably more by now. 

[00:18:32] Joy Dushey: [00:18:32] No 14. I don’t think I ran more than 14, but yeah. And then just other lots of races. 

[00:18:39] Mike: [00:18:39] Yeah. What’s the most memorable one where you found yourself all of a sudden in that zone. I know it happens. It’s happened and it happens in different places. For some, it’s in running, for some it’s in training, for some it’s just like, where did it happen for you? 

[00:18:58] Joy Dushey: [00:18:58] Okay. Obviously the first marathon was the most contagious one, cause it was like the, you know, the first time it’s like, you’re just experiencing this ecstatic, extraordinary endorphin releasing like amazing, you know, first time. But there was one marathon in Chicago where I almost didn’t run the marathon because I, I was injured. I got an injury. I was injured by my, I was training really, really hard. That’s the one where I ran my fastest and I had this, um, tendonitis in my hamstring. And I had to just like quit the training at the last month. And my coach didn’t know if we’d be able to run it, but we said, you know, we’re just going to take a risk and take a few, you know, took three weeks off before the marathon or a month and just show up that day. So I was like, you know what? I’m not even going to think about this. Like as a, like, if I run it great, I’m not going to go out hard. I’m not going to, you know, train according to what the, that, you know, what I trained for all summer.

[00:20:08] And when I went out there, I had a completely different experience because I was in such a meditative state of just enjoyment that I got to run it. And it was wild because I didn’t really feel like I was in my body. I was just in the zone, the entire race with a smile from ear to ear. And I ran my fastest marathon. That, that time, um, just out of sheer joy, just out of like, it was beautiful. Yeah. So that was my, um, that was the race that stands out for me.

[00:20:43] Mike: [00:20:43] Isn’t it amazing how the human being performs when they’re in that status of joy versus what we’re seeing a lot of right now, all the anxiety and all the craziness and all the depression and, um, you know, I wish we had better news to report when it comes to the state, the state status of our country right now, but there’s a lot of craziness going on and there’s a lot of anxiety and peop-I, I don’t think people understand that the term joy, either joy isn’t being happy, having being joyful or having joy can happen in the midst of some of the heaviest storms.

[00:21:31] Um, you know, we’re talking about you running a marathon, that’s a physical stress and can become a physical trauma. But if you’re in a state of joy, not notice the different term that I use, if you’re in the status of joy versus just going out and seeing if you can do it, the human body’s amazing. It can do some crazy things.

[00:21:53] And to be able to come out of it with your fastest time, just because of the fact that you were just happy that you could run it by the way, kudos for taking the month off, I probably would have done the same thing, but, but the idea of being able to, you know, what, I’m just going to go. I mean, how many times in life, and this is for any of our listeners that are, that are listening or watching, how many times in your life have you actually looked at something and went, damn it, I’m just going to go do it. And all of a sudden a better result comes out, might not have been phenomenal, or maybe it was phenomenal, but it was a better result than what you expected because you literally honored yourself and said, we’re going to give this a go to see what happens. I think a lot of people miss out on that and because they’re so focused on all of the, what if, what if, what if or what if it works or if it happens.

[00:22:40] Joy Dushey: [00:22:40] I love that you bring this up because of what we’re experiencing now and all of the worry and hysteria that’s circulating around me collectively in New York. Um, so. 

[00:22:55] Mike: [00:22:55] You’re, you’re in a, in a, what’s the word, um, vortex of it, if you will. And you’re like, one of the you’re like right in the dead center of it. I mean, that’s, that’s gotta be quite a, a pressure, if you will. 

[00:23:12] Joy Dushey: [00:23:12] Absolutely. It’s like a pressure cooker. Like there were just sirens just now going by. And it’s like the, the sirens sound like they’re 10 times louder lately. Um, so yeah, absolutely. And what I love about what you said is, you know, joy, right, versus like the constriction and, um, the density and the noise that blocks that joy. Right? So for me, it’s like, what do you connect to right when you’re, when I’m out there running in, um, I’m just connected to this feeling of gratitude the entire time I’m connected to gratitude and I’m not connecting to the anxiety of will I make it to the end, you know, and so, that’s how I live my life mostly. Um, while there is all this noise going on right now, I’m just grateful right now to be here with you, to be present in my body, to have this opportunity. And I’m not thinking about, you know, what’s going to happen tomorrow with the state of the country.

[00:24:20] Um, I’m grateful for so many things. I am also very connected to nature. And what I found to be a profound healer is that when we are suffering, going connect to something of a greater force and also connect to the vitality of nature, of the miracle of nature that we get to wake up every day and experience a new sky, a new sun, a new, you know, and its fullness.

[00:24:50] Mike: [00:24:50] I’ll have to remember to send you, um, we were just out at, um, white tops in the Valley of Fire this past weekend and the. I like to go climbing. Right. Which may not always be a wise idea at my age, but I don’t care. I go climbing anyway.

[00:25:06] Joy Dushey: [00:25:06] Good for you.

[00:25:08] Mike: [00:25:08] But it was, it was out of an area of Valley. The Valley of Fire, they call it white tops, the tops of the hills and stuff like that are white. Um, duh, but I got up on one of the little, um, projections of, of rock just to, you know, get up on there and hang out and see what happens. And in the video I stopped for a second. You can’t hear a thing. There was no wind. There were no cars. There was nobody walking around. It was absolute silence. It was completely, deafening. It was the most peaceful moment of my day. 

[00:25:45] Joy Dushey: [00:25:45] Wow. Oh my gosh. 

[00:25:47] Mike: [00:25:47] Yeah. And I’ll send you the, I’ll send you the link later. The feeling of absolute awe. In that kind of silence was not only deafening, but it was like fulfilling. And it was funny because like I said, I climbed to get up on this rock. The funny part was on the backside of it. I could have just walked up. There was a little trail going up the walk on the backside. I didn’t have to climb. I could have just, I could have just walked in, but again, both sides of that same rock while the views were different. The sound was the same and the amount of gratitude just for being there that you could put out and weirdly enough, come back in the midst of all that silence was amazing.

[00:26:38] And so to your point of being out in nature, whether you’re in forest or desert, like I’m out in the desert. Doesn’t matter. Ocean, oh, ocean is awesome. I’m from Hawaii. You want to talk about nature people? That’s us. The ocean is a big deal for us because it’s cleansing and it, and it literally, when, when I was younger, if I was upset about something, my cousin who was a culturalist would look at me and go, go run down to the ocean, go wash off.

[00:27:05] What the hell does that mean? Wash off, wash off what? I don’t smell. They’re like, no, no, no. You’re angry right now. Go down to the ocean. Let the salt water wash over you, wash off the anger and literally wash your arms, wash your hand and then come back and sure enough, I come back and he looks at me. He goes, you feel better. I’m like, yeah, I hate when you’re right. But whatever. So to your point, yeah, that’s the best place to go do it because there’s no other energies pushing negativity. It’s not it’s, it’s just not, their nature is like neutral, a great place to let go of what you don’t need and to pull in what you do, it’ll give you what you ask for. Gee, that sounds familiar. Where do we, where are we heard that one from? Ask the universe and you will receive. That whole thing, but you’re absolutely right. 

[00:28:00] Joy Dushey: [00:28:00] I love it. I did so much cleansing this summer with the wa, I was at the ocean almost. Um, I’m staying, you know, between New York and New Jersey. And I’d say I was in New Jersey about five days a week, um, waking up, going to the ocean at like five in the morning and, and just my morning practice and working exactly just like that with sending away, you know, whatever I needed to wash off, as your cousin had brilliantly said, um, and guided you towards and just so many other things, but that was such a great gift for me, you know?

[00:28:34] Um, And, and I’m not able to do that right now because I’m in New York city and I’m not able to get to the ocean in the morning, obviously, right. Or to the, or even get to the park. I go to the park after my morning practice. But what I do is I start with a morning practice of grounding before anything like, uh, you know, the lemon water.

[00:28:59] The preparing the coffee and all that. And then I just go into a grounding practice. And what I do is I hold these ocean stones and, uh, or rocks. Um, and I. Just hold them in my hands as I’m meditating and sending energy into the rocks, because that, that helps us to release just like the earth. Mama Earth loves to recycle old energy. We can utilize like rocks if we, if we’re not able to get out there. So just having some allies like that can be really helpful. 

[00:29:30] Mike: [00:29:30] Absolutely. Guys, we’re going to take a quick, short, uh, 30 second break. We’ll be back. We’re going to talk a little bit more about what gets Joy moving. Both in the morning and throughout the day. So we’ll take a quick 30-second break. We’ll be right back. 


[00:29:42] And we’re back here. Java chat coffee with Mike hanging out with Joy Dushey, talking a bit about. All kinds of stuff actually, but not a bit. We’ve been digging in. If you guys haven’t listened to the first part of this podcast and you’re popping in halfway and hit rewind.

[00:29:56] Um, second section, we always talk about what inspires, what motivates, what gets people up in the morning and gets them going for things. We were talking a little bit about gratitude, so I’m fairly sure we’re going to hear a little bit about that again. Um, but like you mentioned, Paul, we, we both know who Paul Chek is and a couple other people that you’ve worked with, um, But like you wake up in the morning, you get you’re up at what five, is, I think that was? Why?

[00:30:25] Joy Dushey: [00:30:25] For those hours before it feels like the world is untouched, you know, it feels like it’s just a still time, just like that experience that you had on the top of the mountain. That’s what it feels like for me at 5:00 AM. Um, I call it the, like the nectar of the day, you know, it’s just the juicy, beautiful part of the day.

[00:30:45] Mike: [00:30:45] Oh yeah, I get that. 

[00:30:48] Joy Dushey: [00:30:48] So, yeah, I can’t wait to get started. Um, I typically wake up, look up to the East. I’m also a little bit, you know, into the shamoanic, uh, work. So I know, um, you have a little background in that too. So, um, waking up, yeah, looking and just giving thanks for the new day and you know, and really breathing that in, you know, that new day, that new opportunity to reinvent myself to do better, to learn something new.

[00:31:19] And then it’s, you know, and it’s gratitude practice and it’s, um, I always start with the grounding practice. And then I intuitively will go into what it, where I feel called with what I call Sadhana and Sadhana is, is the service. It’s a spiritual practice of service and of wherever that takes me. Um, there’s a lot of, uh, things that are inspiring me these days, I am, um, invested in the gene keys. Um, do you know about the gene keys? 

[00:31:53] Mike: [00:31:53] This is, this is, uh, an interesting subject, so go for it. 

[00:31:57] Joy Dushey: [00:31:57] So it’s a profound, uh, I would say it’s almost like an Oracle. Um, it was cultivated by Richard Rudd. He’s profound. Profound. Um, and he, uh, created this, this, I, it’s derived from human design from the I Ching and from astrology. It’s just like, uh, the synthesis and it kind of feels like it’s like, almost like a transmission that’s, um, uh, like, like a map of your soul that is, uh, just this beautiful guidance. And I’ve been invested in that in, in two programs, uh, of the gene keys. And so I’m like fascinated by it. I’m learning and I’m just, I’m in it, you know?

[00:32:46] And so I, I might do some of that in the morning. Um, Or just more, you know, uh, meditation, energy scan, um, lots of journaling and, you know, working like whatever crystals or wherever it takes me. Yeah. 

[00:33:04] Mike: [00:33:04] What about your clients? 

[00:33:07] Joy Dushey: [00:33:07] What about my clients? 

[00:33:09] Mike: [00:33:09] Is that one of the reasons you wake up? 

[00:33:12] Joy Dushey: [00:33:12] Oh my gosh, absolutely. Everything that I am working on with myself. Like if I feel like it is to share with my clients too, it’s like a transmission again, you know, uh, I feel so lit up from, you know, the work that I do. I have a few clients that I’m working with very closely, very intimately in a six-month container. They, this has been such a beautiful, um, segue or like, you know, portal into you deepening the work there.

[00:33:52] I get to really share in a more profound and pronounced way. Right. And then there is there’s other circles of groups that I’ve created and the mentorship, my ma my eight mentees, um, that have completed the first phase of the joys of the joyful approach matrix, you know, the mentorship. Yeah. Oh, there was just like a lot of, you know, different offerings and groups and the creativity in it. You know, I love to bring in creative new, uh, energy into the work that I do as well. 

[00:34:30] Mike: [00:34:30] Sure. 

[00:34:31] Joy Dushey: [00:34:31] So yeah, absolutely. I wake up for them too. 

[00:34:34] Mike: [00:34:34] Yeah. Yeah. I, we, we always, we always assume that the family is a part of it because, well, you know, you have your, your little girls and you now have now you’re, you just mentioned you’re grandmother as well.

[00:34:44] So they’re obviously a part of the motivation, but it’s one of the things as, as coaches or as, as therapists and things of that nature, that’s one of the reasons that most of us get up. Um, is because of that service, we’re able to, we know somebody is going to get some kind of good out of today, whether that’s us facilitating it, or hopefully them finding something that, you know, we’ve been telling them to look forward, cetera, et cetera.

[00:35:03] Joy Dushey: [00:35:03] Oh yeah. Sorry. I want to add it’s it’s really sharing love with the, with the world, you know, too, like it’s, it’s waking up and, you know, embodying that love. And if there’s anything that I need to do to make sure my heart is open, like course-correct and get, you know, do that somatically. Right. Um, and body embodiment, work and activation. And then just like, you know, sharing that with the world too, like that is ultimately. 

[00:35:38] Mike: [00:35:38] Yep. That’s one of the reasons that we started this podcast was because eat as much as many as there are, then there’s a lot. And there’s a lot of people that love to go listening to some of the celebrities, but it’s like after awhile, there’s gotta be something else.

[00:35:54] And some of the stuff that the, that the bigger podcasts talk about, they, they get, they get kind of deep. Sometimes some of them are very long form. I still listen to Joe Rogan stuff and he’s got like a two hour to our format. It’s a long time to listen to something while if you’re only taking a 15 minute ride to the store.

[00:36:12] Not going to really be that far into it. If you have a, if you have something where you need to, you know, pick up a couple of golden nuggets or something, that’s why we did this was to bring good people who have good insights, have the love to share like yourself that want to come out and just say, Hey, this is what happened to me.

[00:36:33] This is why I’m doing what I’m doing. These are the things that work for me. And these are the things that could possibly work for you. And if you want to find out more about it than, you know, here’s where you can find me, um, we, we wanted to make it so that it was something where anybody that had that kind of love could come and share it.

[00:36:53] And we had some great guests. I mean, if you look at the roster of people that we had, I had an Air Force drill Sergeant who was finally put in this papers for retiring. After 19 years of service, he’s been an active. He was an active drill Sergeant for the Air Force while building on like three different businesses as an entrepreneur, he’s finally put in his paperwork to retire, but he’s probably one of the coolest, most loving guys you’ll ever meet.

[00:37:17] And you don’t always hear that about drill sergeants. That’s kind of an odd thing to hear about a DUI or RDS, but they really, in all honesty too, to be fair about. The eyes and DSS, they actually do. They actually do care and they actually do love you. They actually do want to see you succeed because if you don’t, you’re not coming home.

[00:37:39] And that’s the last thing they ever want to hear is one of their recruits didn’t make it back. So their heart is F on anybody that, that, you know, that needs to get the discipline. I appreciate that. That’s one spectrum. Then we got guys like David Meltzer, Lauren block, and all these other, other, these other people that have been on same story.

[00:37:55] They come, they share the love, just like you’re doing. And their inspiration is fairly similar to yours. I get up because somebody needs something. I don’t know what it is necessarily, but they need something. W we want to give that to, we want to give that to them. You have a podcast. I’m sure that’s the reason that you started your podcast is because people need something. You want to give that to them. So it’s an inspiration of cause, and I should say a good cause that’s worth doing. Does that make sense? 

[00:38:26] Joy Dushey: [00:38:26] It makes a lot of sense. It makes perfect sense.

[00:38:31] Mike: [00:38:31] Who are some of the other people who we mentioned, Paul Chek, um, Richard Rudd, who are some of the other people that you’ve, you’ve either worked with or followed that have brought you forward to this point? 

[00:38:41] Joy Dushey: [00:38:41] I’d say Caroline Mays is one of my greatest teachers as well. I followed her extensively and did some work in Arizona, um, with her. And I just love her work. 

[00:38:56] Mike: [00:38:56] What does she do? I’m not familiar with that name. 

[00:38:58] Joy Dushey: [00:38:58] She as a, um, she’s an author, she’s a theologist. I believe she calls herself, um, um, a spiritual. What’s a sweet, she’s a spiritual teacher, but there’s something else that she is, um, known for. Um, like a, I forgot, I forgot the word I’m losing it, but he wrote some of the greatest books, like, um, anatomy of the spirit sacred contracts.

[00:39:29] Um, yeah. Wonderful, wonderful wise woman, really strong lady. Uh, as far as for me, I’ve found that, um, she was definitely like, I call her a mentor. I think that women need female leaders also as well, that are, you know, um, really doing the authentic work as well and leading. 

Mike: So do guys. 

[00:39:57] Joy Dushey: Yeah. 

[00:39:59] Mike: [00:39:59] This, this comes from a, this comes from a Hawaiian perspective where every human has a kāne and wahine side, one side male, one side female. So, yeah, it totally makes sense. I liked that one title that you mentioned. Um, you mentioned two titles that you worked, the anatomy, The Anatomy of the Spirit, I think. 

[00:40:17] Joy Dushey: [00:40:17] Anatomy of the Spirit. Yeah. 

[00:40:19] Mike: [00:40:19] I’m going to have to go find that book. It sounds interesting. 

[00:40:21] Joy Dushey: [00:40:21] It’s wonderful. It really is. Um, big. I feel like it’s a game changer for a lot of people, um, that, that, you know, mention it. Um, and then there’s this woman that I worked with, I had the honor and privilege of working with most recently. Her name is Anne Davin. And she is a wonderful, um, depth psychologist that is specializes in, uh, feminine leadership as well. And she’s just, she really, really, um, is one of the wisest women that I’ve, you know, got to work with, um, that I can call a mentor as well. 

[00:41:03] Mike: [00:41:03] And what kinds of things does, like, what kinds of things have you pulled from, from her as a mentor? Oh, and just for point of reference anybody that’s listening, um, mentors are sometimes mentors without even knowing it.

[00:41:16] Joy Dushey: [00:41:16] Exactly

[00:41:17] Mike: [00:41:17] It does happen. It does happen often. Um, if you’re watching them put out content online, they’re kind of a mentor. I mean, it fits, it fits the parameters of what one is. So. You know, you don’t always have to be personally involved with the person for them to be your mentor, especially if they’re dumping a great bunch of content on you that, you know, resonates and works.

[00:41:37] So just, just remember that guys, anyway, again, back to what I asked with Anne, what are some of the things that you picked up from her? 

[00:41:46] Joy Dushey: [00:41:46] Yeah, so she actually, um, put something together called Feminosity and it really takes you, it’s almost taking—she was a student of Joseph Campbell. And so it really takes you through the hero’s journey.

[00:42:01] And it’s like the passage from, um, you know, the wounded, uh, you know, woman, the wounded version of the woman and the injured to the whole initiated securely attached woman. And it’s just like through the hero’s journey that you got to go through those phases of the hero’s journey to awaken, to the whole initiated securely attached woman.

[00:42:27] And that was my experience, um, that I got to really embody that very, very whole, you know, myself through this work. 

[00:42:40] Mike: [00:42:40] Yeah. Changes, change as a whole, change as a whole, when you’re, when you’re able to see yourself as a whole, rather than just a bunch of pieces, 

[00:42:48] Joy Dushey: [00:42:48] Fragmented, right. 

[00:42:51] Mike: [00:42:51] Yeah, it’s, which is what most humans are doing, period, right now on this planet, they’re running around fragmented. Um, many of them not even realizing it, um, Listen to all the noise that’s going on right now. You can see it. Um, but when somebody gets to that position of whole, they become very quiet. If you ever noticed that. 

[00:43:13] Joy Dushey: [00:43:13] Oh yes. I mean, yes. It’s my experience kind of myself too.

[00:43:21] Mike: [00:43:21] Yeah. And I think it’s, I think it’s because of the fact that we realized that being noisy doesn’t make it better. Being effective does and how you’re effective as a different story is that, that whole round, uh, of, of just being quiet and honoring what’s going on while being effective and the things that we need to do as humans to continue feeding the right side, feeding the side of love, which matters. Um, I think that’s so. 

[00:43:56] Joy Dushey: [00:43:56] Can I touch on that a little bit because…

[00:43:58] Mike: [00:43:58] You can touch on whatever you want, go for it. 

[00:44:00] Joy Dushey: [00:44:00] Yeah. It’s something I’ve been kind of putting out there that I think is really beautiful is when we can slow down and when we can get a little quieter when we can. Embrace the feminine. So right now we’re going through this big transition into the feminine awakening, which is, you know, entering the Aquarian age and it can go on. That’s a big, that’s a, that’s a rabbit hole that I know you need another show for. 

[00:44:29] Mike: [00:44:29] Careful. I’ll have you back. 

[00:44:32] Joy Dushey: [00:44:32] So with that, we are, um, really embraced. We need to embrace the, the, you know, the slowing down, the more feminine qualities of allowing of pausing and of pivoting and just contemplating. Um, and when we can do that, we can just get quieter, and have so much more efficacy, right? We don’t need to scream and like shout and say, this is what I believe in. And, you know, and so much of that noise that we’re witnessing on social media to prove a point and to be right and so on. But what about if you just stood really grounded and quiet and, you know, embodied. 

[00:45:23] Mike: [00:45:23] Right.

[00:45:24] Joy Dushey: [00:45:24] I mean, doesn’t that translate into more efficacy? Like for me, I know that I’m going to choose that over the noisy version. 

[00:45:33] Mike: [00:45:33] It’s kind of funny that no matter if you look at it from the spiritual standpoint or the success side of things, if you, if you listen to a lot of the sayings are the same, don’t say anything about what you’re going to do next.

[00:45:46] Just go do it, let your actions speak. The more you do the less you’re talking. The more you’re talking the less you’re doing. So like you said, if you’re out there screaming your head off and running at a million miles a second, as, as, as everybody’s been saying life this year has been coming at a rate of 50 WTFs a moment.

[00:46:05] Yeah, it is. But are you entertaining those or are you focused on where you’re supposed to be focused? Are you doing what you’re supposed to be doing? Are you improving yourself to be a better version of yourself for tomorrow? Nobody else cares about that. Except you or do you, that’s one of the things I’ve always had, like, even with some of our interns, I always ask them.

[00:46:30] I says, what’s the difference between this and this? What’s the difference between being motivated and being disciplined? What’s the difference between being inspired and being motivated? What’s the difference. And to get them to think what’s the difference between being loud and being quiet in our case right here being loud does nothing to do. All it does is disturb the peace. Have you want to disturb the peace, disturb it with love by doing something. 

[00:46:54] Joy Dushey: [00:46:54] I want to credit somebody if it’s okay. Um, it’s actually one of the first guests on the methodology, which is my podcast and her name is Tracy Goodwin. She was actually a profound mentor for me. Um, she’s a voice coach, um, but she’s not only a voice coach. She’s a, um, 

[00:47:14] Mike: [00:47:14] Voice, voice coach as in speak or singing or?

[00:47:17] Joy Dushey: [00:47:17] Just speaking, like, um, she she’s, she works with subconscious reprogramming. It’s very similar to the work that I do, but through the voice and she, I mean, talk about impact and, and just so much altruism as well and what she offers to the world. You should actually—

[00:47:36] Mike: [00:47:36] I already wrote her name down. Um, we’re probably gonna reach out to her right after this. 

[00:47:40] Joy Dushey: [00:47:40] She is. I mean, she’s helped me tremendously in like two sessions, but then I’ve went, I, I just love working with her so much that I would just book sessions because I also like just loved connecting with her and she wound up helping me in many different arenas as well.

[00:47:57] So what I want to share about Tracy’s work is that. Um, we were working together when I, my daughter was still at home. Um, you know, uh, I just separated from, um, from my, my husband and I just separated. And so he was, you know, there was a lot of familial stuff that I was dealing with and communication and, um, with my daughter, I had these, these experiences that I was just beating myself up because I couldn’t get through, you know, I just hated like fighting with her or arguing with her in a, like, you know, we’re getting into these explosive conversations. And when we would practice getting quiet, like that was like one of my favorite tools with, with working with Tracy.

[00:48:40] And she would just demonstrate it’s so beautifully. It was like, You know, she would do the screaming and then she would do like the, this is how I feel. And it was just like, just that energy was it just created like this visceral, you know, response and it is, it works like a charm, you know, 

[00:49:03] Mike: [00:49:03] Interesting to see what happens when we get quiet. Um, I haven’t had, I had the same issues in, in past relationships as well, where things would explode and I would stop for a second and be like, this is going nowhere. Um, I’m gonna, I’m gonna to take a break for a minute. I’ll be back. And in the times when that, when I did that, things would work out the times.

[00:49:25] I didn’t do that. It went a different route. It’s fairly. Telltale when, I mean, if you’re really paying attention that the louder you get the less effective you’re going to be in the quieter. You get the more, I mean, they even talk about this in the power of seduction. It’s like when you’re quiet or people tend to lean in because they want to hear what you got to say.

[00:49:46] If you yell, they have a tendency to be repulsed and walk away. Didn’t want to hear it. They don’t care. You could be telling them the world is on fire and you’re going to die. They don’t care. Because you’re yelling. It’s, it’s a, it’s a weird response that humans have to that kind of energy versus the quiet energy.

[00:50:02] If that makes sense. 

[00:50:05] Joy Dushey: [00:50:05] Totally.

[00:50:06] Mike: [00:50:06] Cool. Uh, we got to take another quick, 30-second break. We will be back. We’re going to talk about what’s, what’s in the future for Joy. 30 seconds. We’ll be right back talking in a second guys. 


[00:50:16] All right guys, last section here at Java Chat. Coffee with Mike sitting here with Joy Dushey, and we kind of talked a little bit about it, practicing what she did, but we’re going to go like full minute 30 elevator pitch.

[00:50:27] I want to hear what you do and what this is all about. So give us an idea of what you do at present. What is your business about who you help, that kind of thing? 

[00:50:36] Joy Dushey: [00:50:36] Okay. So I am a transformative coach, a spiritual— 

Mike: I’m out of coffee.

[00:50:42] Sorry.

[00:50:44] Mike: [00:50:44] I ran out of coffee. I got to drink water now. Anyway, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to interrupt. I’m just like, oh no. 

[00:50:49] Joy Dushey: [00:50:49] We can take a break so you can go get your coffee. 

[00:50:52] Mike: [00:50:52] I drink, I drink too much of it as it is. It’s all good. 

[00:50:56] Joy Dushey: [00:50:56] So I’m a New York-based transformative coach and spiritual and holistic guide. I, uh, facilitate with breathwork and energy healing. I am a podcast host and I also, um, I’m a mentor. I also, um, organized is one of my greatest passions is organizing Sanghas. So it’s where I bring community together. I’ve built community and I, uh, offer the space for collective healing, through these sanghas.  

[00:51:26] Mike: [00:51:26] Spelled as it sounds? S A N G A?

[00:51:28] Joy Dushey: [00:51:28] S A N G H A, I believe. And I’m actually facilitating one tonight. So, um, it’s, I get really excited about it. It’s a very full immersion with breathwork and sound healing. And, um, 

[00:51:45] Mike: [00:51:45] Is there going to be a link that people can come to. Is it, or is it, how does that work? 

[00:51:49] Joy Dushey: [00:51:49] I always share the events. This is a live event tonight. Um, sometimes I do, throughout quarantine, I was doing them virtually, but I just felt like that we had this deep desire to come together again, um, you know, live. So it was, uh, it was time. And so it’s a limited in capacity. It’s limited capacity, but it is there for now. I am. I’m offering them. So…

[00:52:16] Mike: [00:52:16] You do the virtual ones and we’ll be happy to promote it because that’s the kind of stuff that we’d like to, to share for our guests. Just let us know.

[00:52:21] Joy Dushey: [00:52:21] Yeah. Thank you so much. I will be offering those. Um, and they’re very powerful. I offer both, um, one-on-one alchemy sessions, uh, virtually and in person. And I have clients all over the world that I work with. Um, and the virtuals are very powerful, like potent and they, they do work. So, um, people think that, you know, uh, you can’t, uh, have an energy healing session through virtual, but you actually can definitely get the benefits.

[00:52:52] Mike: [00:52:52] Um, like I can tell you that that would, they couldn’t be farther off. Um, when I, okay. So sharing time, um, where I’m from, there’s a lot of spirituality and healing and things of that nature.

Joy Dushey: Where are you from?

[00:53:10] Mike: Maui. And that, that happens to be, according to the energy workers, that happens to be a vortex of energy right above it, that Island. So that allows for multiple things, um, both good and not so good, but I learned a lot of the good side of things. And, and one of the, one of the things that I did learn was your energy can go anywhere on this planet. If you have enough connection and intention, um, literally had a friend in another part of the world, ask for help.

[00:53:42] Once I was young, I had no idea what the hell I was doing, but I said, well, here I have a teacher that said I could do this and let me try this. They literally told me that the next morning, and this some could say, this is a coincidence, whatever you want to call it. But the day before they were feeling not so good, the next morning they woke up, they were feeling amazing.

[00:54:05] And all we did was on a phone. This was before any of this was ever available. This was on a telephone long distance. Yes. It costs money back then. And they were able to receive whatever it was that I sent out. And this was from learning from a couple of different teachers that I had, um, when I was going to school for massage therapy, um, energy work and stuff like that was a part of the curriculum.

[00:54:30] And that was one of the things I learned was if your intention is correct, you can send it wherever you want. If the other side’s receiving, they can receive whatever they need, but it has to be, it has to be two way. 

[00:54:46] Joy Dushey: [00:54:46] I loved that you said that and absolutely. And I love that you highlight the word intention because that’s, that’s all, that’s the ingredient that we need in order to have the benefits that we’re, and the results. Right. So someone asked me this morning, um, about my day, you know, and I’m going to facilitate this sangha today. Right. Um, so I said, you know, I don’t like to facilitate, I don’t like to facilitate sessions on the day that I have a sangha. Cause it takes a lot. To facilitate what I do, um, in the sangha.

[00:55:20] And, um, they asked me to, you know, talk about that. And I said, I don’t really share this very often, but I will share this today because we, you just brought up that beautiful story and. So my day preparing for a Sanga collective healing with breathwork, the alchemical breathwork and, uh, sound immersion, um, healing.

[00:55:46] I’m already receiving a lot of the energy. I already can feel the energy of the people that are coming what’s going on. And so I’m preparing in advance. I set the intention in the space and work with this space. I am clearing the space and I am setting the intention for healing. So it’s, it’s very entailed and, uh, people don’t realize it. They don’t know because I don’t say it. I don’t verbalize it usually before the session, but when they walk in, they already immediately feel a shift in their energy when they’ve entered the space. 

[00:56:27] Mike: [00:56:27] Yeah. 

[00:56:28] Joy Dushey: [00:56:28] And I, if you go through my testimonials, you’ll probably see about at least 30 to 40% of people comment on, I don’t know, I walked into this space and there was this magical energy.

[00:56:43] I don’t know what it was, you know, and that’s, that’s the intention. Right? And so. Absolutely you can through a phone. It doesn’t matter. You know, even if you weren’t even going to speak to the person transmitting that with intention is the most potent powerful work. 

[00:57:02] Mike: [00:57:02] It’s interesting. Um, you talk about holding space and people feeling a shift when they walk in, interestingly enough, and this is just from my own cause of martial arts training and stuff like that.

[00:57:13] I’ve walked into rooms that, if done correctly, and the level of leadership is at a certain rank, when you walk into the room, the mindset, the mindset shifts immediately from, I don’t care what my day was. I’m here to train. I’m here to do my thing. We’re going to, we’re going to have a good training session, no matter what’s going on in my life.

[00:57:35] My life may be an absolute wreck right now, but in here I’m safe. And the leadership of that. That school made sure of it. I’ve also been in rooms where, um, the higher ranking leaders would walk in and I’d know they were coming before they ever walked through the door. Because they were already in the room feeling it out, seeing who was in there.

[00:57:57] And I know that sounds a lot of woo, but for those of you that understand martial arts and the spirituality of it you’ll understand exactly what I just said. 

[00:58:06] Joy Dushey: [00:58:06] I don’t, and I have not done martial arts, but I totally get it. So, yeah. 

[00:58:10] Mike: [00:58:10] Yeah. And that’s, that’s why I’m sharing this is that you as a leader because you are a leader at that point, um, have cleared out a space of any non gratitude or non love feelings in the room so that when that energy comes in, literally it’s wiped, it’s wiped by light.

[00:58:29] The moment they walk in, that’s the shift that I think they’re feeling, this is a personal thing, as an opinion, say, whatever you want about it, call me wrong. Tell me I’m wrong. It’s okay. Um, but when you walk into a room that is a held space of nothing but love and light. It’s easy to walk in and go, gee, I don’t know why I was so upset earlier. It doesn’t make any sense.

[00:58:53] Maybe it was because you were holding the wrong energy. Maybe it was because you were trying to hold on to something that you thought was valid, but it’s not, or maybe it is valid, but you shouldn’t be holding onto it. So come into this area to change and, and that I, I totally get why you say it takes a lot to hold to hold this much, which is just about, I would say, I don’t know, eight inches of diameter of space is already an immense amount of concentration.

[00:59:23] Most people don’t realize that. You know, it’s to, to, to hold the intention of, of the term faith we’ve already heard by certain, by a certain religion that a mustard seed could move a mountain. If that’s the case, how much intention do you have inside here to hold it? And you’re holding a full room. Wow.

[00:59:46] So yeah, it’s, it’s. The intent again, it goes back to the intention, the intent of holding a space of gratitude and love is not easy. Um, I don’t want to say kudos. I just want to say fricking congratulations for having figured out how to do that. Um, one disruptive energy could wipe out a room if you’re holding that in. Yeah, that’s huge.

[01:00:10] Joy Dushey: [01:00:10] Thank you so much for acknowledging that. That means a lot to me and I. Well, it’s just share that there were a few people, um, well there’s one person that had to CA you know, they canceled this morning and she felt really bad because she’s just too afraid to come because of, you know, all that’s in the media. Um, the news watching the news and with a spike of COVID here in New York. So, um, I of course was, you know, sent her a lot of compassion, but it’s not going to be serving to the rest of the group if you’re going to be literally, um, sitting there with that kind of energy of. You know, trepidation of, of resistance. I mean, everybody comes in with resistance because this is transformative work.

[01:00:55] Right. But, but when you come in, so frigid with, you know, trembling fear, and then you can’t rely, you know, you won’t allow yourself to relax. It’s not going to be serving and it won’t be, um, good energy to bring to the group. So, um, I will never push some long, good comments. 

[01:01:14] Mike: [01:01:14] Interesting. You mentioned fear. Um, Because there’s so much talk around that about why fear is and the insecurity that’s, that’s in fear and you know, the old acronyms and all that stuff. One thing I’ve noticed for the most part is that if you live in fear, you live in distrust of yourself. And if that’s the case, you have some self-relationship stuff to work on.

[01:01:41] And, and there’s a lot of people. It’s funny. Again, you look at some of the other people that are also doing podcasts, the biggest celebrities you can tell which ones are and which ones aren’t. 

[01:01:50] Joy Dushey: [01:01:50] Yeah. So fear is an interesting, uh, concept of what we’ve taken on as an I, as, uh, an I am, or like an, like an identity of form identity that like Eckhart Tolle talks about, another mentor.

[01:02:07] And so when we can, when we can notice that then we can work with it. But otherwise we absorbed the, and we become the fear and we become the, I am an anxious person and then that’s our identity, that’s our ego, that’s our, you know, and so—

[01:02:21] Mike: [01:02:21] all the stuff that goes with it. 

[01:02:22] Joy Dushey: [01:02:22] Yeah. 

[01:02:23] Mike: [01:02:23] And in a condensed form, I don’t know how condensed you could possibly make this, because I still think there’s a lot to explain when we’re talking about breathwork, the actual activity. What are we doing? 

[01:02:37] Joy Dushey: [01:02:37] Thank you for asking that I was hoping you were going to ask that question. Uh, some people, you know, I’ll always ask, have you done breathwork, you know, before starting a session, and they’re like, yeah…

[01:02:46] Mike: [01:02:46] Yeah. I usually, I usually leave the gold questions for somewhere near the end, so people have to listen. 

[01:02:52] Joy Dushey: [01:02:52] Yeah. Uh, so breathwork, you know, is it, sorry, there’s just all forms of meditation and this is an alchemical active breathwork that allows us to bypass our conscious, controlling mind. The mind that takes over, the mind that forms these thought forms, identities that hold us back, essentially from living with freedom, with, you know, knowing ourselves better and to connecting to our soul.

[01:03:21] And so what we are doing is we’re actively breathing through the mouth in a three-part breath. Uh, it’s a very, uh, it’s a circular breath, almost like we’re exercising at like a cardio fit class, um, with the, with the breath, um, Instead of our body, you know, using our body and we’re lying down. And the whole idea is to do your best to let go of the mind as much as you can, and just allow this breath to release the conscious mind so that you can pull up stored energy in the body, in this, and, you know, pull up from unconscious states.

[01:03:58] Um, what’s been, what’s been stored and stagnant in the body, whether it’s old traumas, old limiting beliefs, um, you know, reoccurring, uh, destructive patterns and behaviors. And it can actually move like very primal energy, even ancestral print, you know, printing, uh, imprinting. And when we’re able to, um, just let ourselves release, all of a sudden we’re just experiencing this radical energy, moving through the body, we can feel sensations moving, um, uh, through our hands, through our feet, tingling vibration, we start to see visions, colors, uh, receive answers, and it can be very cathartic. You know, that was my experience. Usually a lot of my experience is cathartic release of suppressed emotions. Um, we can feel ecstatic, you know, energy moving, dopamine releasing. Um, it’s just amazing.

[01:05:00] Mike: [01:05:00] Those are fun.

[01:05:01] Joy Dushey: [01:05:01] Yeah, it, there’s so many different possibilities that can take place and every experience is very different from the other. We’re never like going in there with an agenda. It’s just, we set an intention of what we know we want to release and then what we want to call in, but then we just let the rest take its shape.

[01:05:22] And it’s just an incredible—people feel so much lighter after they feel –  I got a testimonial this morning, actually from a man, um, that saw me, I think, a year and a half ago. And he’s, it was just so random. And he said, “You’ll never believe”, he goes, “I know you’re not going to believe this, but there was something that actually, the power of our session was just. I mean, I realize my power.” This is a businessman; he’s not like a guy that’s like looking, you know, like, and it was just, he had this amazing, and he asked if he could, um, gift someone a session because of his, you know, um, so, so there were so many different possibilities. I’ve worked with creative people, um, in the, in the arts and, and, um, you know, and that have just felt blocked with their creativity. So just lots of possibilities. 

[01:06:16] Mike: [01:06:16] I think that um—we got an echo. I think that one of the greatest things about breathwork, um, is the ability to pull, how do I say this? The ability to pull the positive, is I’m going to kind of keep this basic, is the ability to pull the positive towards us a lot faster, um, work through or let a lot of people say deal with, but we’re through with the things that we need to work through, uh, with regards to release and in the midst of all of that, have these cool revelations that may or may not have anything to do with a damn thing, but all of a sudden you just kind of go, whoa, that’s interesting. Um, and some of my own experiences when I was younger, um, learning about certain things, just kind of knowing them, which is an odd term, I guess. Um, but just kind of like knowing stuff. And then being able to go to somebody and go, Hey, what would happen if this, this, and this and this and them coming back and going, how do you know that it’s like, I don’t know, sitting down and just kinda hanging out, chilling. They said you were meditating again, I said yeah. 

[01:07:57] Joy Dushey: [01:07:57] Intuition. It’s.. 

[01:07:59] Mike: [01:07:59] An interesting little thing that we have this thing called intuition. And when you breathe, right, how it opens up and it’s able to find out things that, you know, sometimes you just don’t intend to find out, but you do. I found that interesting. I thought it was at first, I thought it was weird. And then some of my mentors were just like, Nope, you’re meant to know that you’re just not meant to share it. 

[01:08:21] Joy Dushey: [01:08:21] Yeah. And then for the scientific or the, you know, it could mystical w you know, the explanation really is that we are awakening the pineal gland and. Um, and, and those aha moments you’re talking about is what is the most beautiful, it’s it. You know, even if you don’t experience the after effects right away, you might get an aha moment just out of nowhere, because what happens is it starts to—the breathwork acts as um, opening up these portals and where your soul is now opening and you might receive answers in the most random moments or through your dreams or you know, well, 

[01:09:06] Mike: [01:09:06] I like to call them the emotional pores. Yeah. We heat them up, they open up. Just like our skin.

Joy Dushey:  Exactly. Oh that’s beautiful.

[01:09:14] Yup. Well, and then if you think about it, the more, the more that you do it and remain open. Cause yeah, like you said, it has to do with the pineal gland. And, and these ah-ha moments that do occur. If you’re not breathing, you ain’t feeding it enough oxygen.

[01:09:30] And it’s funny, we keep having to put this out and if you’re not, if you’re not, if you’re listening to this right now, drop your shoulders, take a deep breath. Watch what happens. Tell me that didn’t just tell me that didn’t just shift you in some weird way. If not, some amazing way, just from taking a breath, all breath. Um, I’ve been kind of following Wim Hof. Uh, with his breathing. Yeah. Holy crap. 20. And I’m falling over, I’m dizzy, but at the same time, I’m just like, okay, what can I go do now?

[01:10:00] Joy Dushey: [01:10:00] I know, it’s so cool. 

[01:10:03] Mike: [01:10:03] Isn’t it? But, and that’s, I think that’s the joy of what you get to do. Um, and that’s pretty freaking awesome. So people want to find you. Where can they find you?

[01:10:14] Joy Dushey: [01:10:14] So they can find me at That’s my website. There’s tons of information on that, um, platform. And then there’s the, um, Instagram is where I’m mostly on it’s uh, again, the, uh, is it the, it’s thejoyfulapproach on Instagram. 

[01:10:33] Mike: [01:10:33] Okay. Um, any FB groups or anything like that, or? 

[01:10:36] Joy Dushey: [01:10:36] I’m on Facebook, and I, I did start something called the Joyful Tribe, but I’m not really active on, I don’t know, Facebook, it’s just hard for me to get all, you know, to be in so many different places. 

[01:10:49] Mike: [01:10:49] Every new platform is a whole new brunt of push for, for activity. I completely get it. I’m just wherever you’re most active, which is Instagram, from what I’m hearing. And we’ll have those links down below. Um, You’ll let us know when you have your next virtual sangha, right?

[01:11:05] Joy Dushey: [01:11:05] I will, absolutely. 

[01:11:07] Mike: [01:11:07] Yeah, 

[01:11:07] Joy Dushey: [01:11:07] probably soon. Yeah. 

[01:11:09] Mike: [01:11:09] Yeah. Cause I mean, if no one’s ever done it before, try it out at least once. I mean, what could it, what could it possibly hurt to try something that you’ve never tried before? Because you never know something cool might happen. 

[01:11:25] Joy Dushey: [01:11:25] I always say that. Just try, try. You never know. 

[01:11:30] Mike: [01:11:30] You don’t. I mean, I think over half of the fear of what people worry about is the fact that something new, they might like now they got to like something else. Okay. Why is that a bad thing? If it serves you? Okay. It, you know, try it.

[01:11:44] It’s not a bad thing. It can’t, it can’t, it’s certainly not going to kill you. Breathing. Breathing is necessary to stay alive, so certainly can’t kill you. That’s one thing you can put away. It’s not gonna make you sick. Breathing is necessary to stay healthy. So again, there’s another negative thing out the window.

[01:11:59] Stop making excuses is basically the bottom line. Follow joy. That just sounded awesome. Follow joy. That also sounds be able to go follow joy. Um, but in any case, joy, thanks so much for coming and hanging out with us here on Java chat. 

[01:12:15] Joy Dushey: [01:12:15] Thank you so much. I love this. This was really fun. 

[01:12:19] Mike: [01:12:19] Totally enjoyed it myself. Um, loved your sharing. Thank you for sharing your story. Thank you for sharing your insights. Uh, if you’ve got anything new coming up, please let us know. We’d love to have you back. Oh, you have a podcast. What’s what’s the podcast again. 

[01:12:32] Joy Dushey: [01:12:32] Oh, yeah. Um, the name of my podcast is called The Methodology and it’s on Apple and Spotify.

[01:12:39] Mike: [01:12:39] You need to get you on at least another 10 or 12 platforms. And I I’ll give you some pointers on that right after this. Cause that if you’re doing this yeah, there’s, there’s a way to do it. I’ll bet. We’ll talk about that after this, but the methodology, you guys, again, if you want to follow her links down below, but she’s got to be getting the links to both the video and the podcast.

[01:12:58] So if you’ve got questions, feel free to post them in the comments. And at her leisure, she can come back in and either guide you, direct you, or answer your questions as you, as you post them. So feel free to do so. If you you’re watching us on YouTube, there’s a little button down there says, subscribe. If you’re not yet, please do, but make sure you also hit the button.

[01:13:14] A, the bell button hit the button, hit the bell next to the subscribe so that you guys know when our next one’s coming up. And we get more awesome people like that, this coming on and sharing their insights and their expertise. Right. If you’re listening to us on platforms where I think we’re at like 11 or 12, Download them subscribe on that platform.

[01:13:32] Feel free. We are on Spotify. Uh, we are on, iTunes or iPodcast, whatever it is, as well as Google play, um, or follow us on That’s where we home host, if you will. You’re free to support us there. We love every one of you stopping in and taking a listen. You know how we love to end it. We say the same thing all the time.

[01:13:54] And as much as she holds space, we hold space for you here too. We love you. We love you guys for stopping and listening and taking a moment of your day to learn something new or learn something more. All right. So stay up, stay safe, stay healthy and live for Joy Dushey and myself, Coffee with Mike. Ciao for now.

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