The Million Dollar Body with Nate Palmer

Interview with Nate Palmer 01_21_21

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[00:00:27] Mike: [00:00:27] Everybody welcome back to Java chat. It’s coffee with Mike. And today I get to talk with another, new author, gentlemen that’s , Oh, you guys cheers? Very much so.

[00:00:40] Well, I have disabled comments on my coffee. I haven’t disabled comments on the video. So make sure that you guys are asking questions and doing that kind of stuff. Glad you guys are all here watching, listening. And I get the honor of hanging out with Nate Palmer, Nate. Thanks for coming to Java chat. 

[00:00:54] Nate Palmer: [00:00:54] Man.

[00:00:55] It’s my pleasure, Michael. Thanks for having me on. Awesome. 

[00:00:58] Mike: [00:00:58] Format’s always the same brother. We always find out. We like to find out who our guests are, where they’re from and, you know, how’d you get to where you are today. What are you doing? 

[00:01:07] Nate Palmer: [00:01:07] Cool. Yeah, I’d love to, I love to talk about myself. This is perfect for me.

[00:01:10] So, so, I’m, I’m in a fitness and nutrition industry I’ve been in, I’ve been working in this, like this field for about 11 years now, basically for me, like I think a lot of people gravitate towards fitness and nutrition kind of as like fear-based, you know, like they’re running away from something powerlessness.

[00:01:28] They want to get it. Like, they don’t want it to feel a certain kind of way. And for me it was really no different, when I was 11, I was still sitting at home alone. Waiting for my mom to like drop my sisters off at school. And someone knocked on the door didn’t know who that guy was. He walked around back, broke a window, came into my house.

[00:01:43] So I did what any 11 year old would do. And I grabbed a steak knife and hit under my bed in my, in my, my room. Right. With the steak knife. Feeling super scared. And I was like kind of a scared kid anyway. So, I think it would just kind of came down from me. Like I don’t ever, I never really wanted to feel like powerless again.

[00:01:59] I never wanted to feel like I was at someone else’s mercy. I didn’t like, I didn’t have like control of the situation. So I really turned to, well, what can I control? Well, maybe if I put on enough, like, like enough muscle on my meat suit, then no one will ever be able to hurt you again. Kind of how my journey started with my own personal fitness.

[00:02:15] And I know some people can relate to that because you know, whether you’re coming from like being really skinny, you are being a little overweight, you know, like we all kind of have these, like these like desires, try to get away from kind of that. And yeah. Improve ourselves. Right? Right. So like a lot, like I’m sure, like kind of the cliche is the, is the, the journey is more important than the finish, right.

[00:02:34] Because really there’s no, there’s no finish line for being healthy and like staying in good shape. But, I’ve learned a lot of amazing lessons along the way. Like for a lot of great relationships had a lot of, super cool mentors, so I graduated university of Arizona in 2000 and the flourishing job market of 2009.

[00:02:55] I’m going to surprise to you, but no one is like banging down my door to hire me. No, are you 

[00:03:00] Mike: [00:03:00] serious? But you just 

[00:03:01] Nate Palmer: [00:03:01] graduated. Right? And they were like, you must’ve graduated, meet at least five left. Five years of experience for an engineer. Yeah. 

[00:03:09] Mike: [00:03:09] I don’t know when that stuff started coming in, but I was just like, I started seeing the job.

[00:03:13] You must have at least five to 10 years. I’m like, it’s an entry level position with them 

[00:03:17] Nate Palmer: [00:03:17] too. Yeah. So, I was started like, I w I had really gotten into, rather than like, studying for my like business courses. I had started just reading all I could read about fitness and nutrition, how to eat, right. And how to train correctly.

[00:03:31] And so I finished school and I got out, I went to a gym and I was like, Hey, like, while I’m figuring out what I want to be, when I grow up, like, can I work here as a trainer? And they were like, sure, you come back to the certification. We’ll hire, you came back a couple of weeks later and worked there for about a year before.

[00:03:44] I was like, all right. Got to get serious, got to get a real job now. So when I got a real job, it was inside sales doing like on the phone and. And do you would, you call and they were like, it’d be like ringing. They’d be like, you’d be like, hello, would you like to have some, continuing education? And they’d be like, does that mean I get to be on, on CSI?

[00:04:01] And I’m like, no, no. And then they’re hang up on me and then I’d be like, I need to go to the bathroom. You had to click a button, you have like 120 second countdown to go to the bathroom. And I was like, this is the literal worst thing I’ve ever experienced. Wow. The last about three months there before I was like, I got to do something else.

[00:04:17] So I started my own business, like doing coaching and I’ve just kind of not looked back since started a transition to mostly to online coaching and training in 2015. Yeah. And, and then most recently, I released, I released a book in 2017 called passport fitness, a guide about like how to travel and stay in shape, which again, maybe surprise you is not selling so great in 2020.

[00:04:41] No, one’s really buying it. Really weird. My most recent book just came out is called the million dollar body method. So it’s kind of an amalgamation of all the lessons I’ve learned. And just the way I’ve seen that high-performers basically can eat in a way that’s designed to build in energy to their lives, help them feel really good.

[00:05:00] I have a ton of focused and like as a side effect, drop fat incredibly fast because the focus is not like deprivation and. Keeping themselves like, like starving themselves. It’s how do you communicate with your body through food that we need energy when you focus? We need, we need to show up for our clients at 8:00 AM and our families at 5:00 PM.

[00:05:18] And it can’t be crashing out and watching like an hours with a sports center, you know, if you want to like really show up in a powerful way. So it’s kind of like, It’s my answer to all the fad diets that because when people start doing it this way, they don’t think of it like, Oh, I’m not on a diet.

[00:05:31] They’re like, I’m just eating. 

[00:05:33] Mike: [00:05:33] Yeah. Well, and I think, I think there’s a lot to be said about that. I mean, years ago when I was back in Hawaii, I was also a personal trainer and nutritionist and everybody would come through and, Oh, this is a great diet and that’s a great diet. So it’s so great. How come we still look like that?

[00:05:49] Nate Palmer: [00:05:49] Why is there a 95% recidivism rate on all diets? 

[00:05:53] Mike: [00:05:53] Explain that, explain that. So 

[00:05:55] Nate Palmer: [00:05:55] like, like the status, the status, crazy Michael people who lose weight, 95% of them will regain that same weight probably plus a little bit extra for good measure. 95%. So that’s an astounding nber right there, which just tells us that, like, even though like the supplement industry is like a $80 billion a year industry right now, like we’re more trainers and more coaches and more information available than ever before.

[00:06:19] Why is obesity steadily creeping up? And why is, why do only 5% of people get to get results, but also keep them. And just cause we have the wrong mentality. We want that. We want that easy button. We want the magic pill. We don’t know how to work it into our lifestyle. We don’t have to make it work for us.

[00:06:35] Mike: [00:06:35] That’s really interesting to me is that people still think that there isn’t a magic pill. That there’s a silver bullet someplace. I don’t know. And I don’t, I don’t get it. When, when we’re talking about diets that everybody and their brother is selling one, along with a supplement, by the way, I hate to tell you for those of you that are listening to this.

[00:06:57] There’s only a few manufacturers in the whole country that make these supplements and they make them for multiple people, in fact, if you search out supplement manufacturer on Google or Facebook, you’re going to start seeing one of those manufacturers ads ask me how I know the and, and I’ve, and I’ve been to these manufacturing sites and they’re, they’re huge.

[00:07:18] They can handle great vole. They’re very controlled. Some of them even have even invite the FDA inspectors to come in to make sure that it’s following like near pharmaceutical guidelines, great stuff, but that’s not food. That’s the magic bullet. There, there, isn’t such a thing you still have. I’m assing that’s why he wrote this on this new book is you still have to be able to, you still gotta eat.

[00:07:44] You gotta eat. Yeah. I think when patrician comes from whole foods, not from pills. 

[00:07:50] Nate Palmer: [00:07:50] Two, two crazy things about supplements though, is like, like you said, you start searching out supplements stuff. You’re gonna start getting ads that are say, Hey, design your own supplement brand. And you’re like, okay, like I know a lot about supplements.

[00:08:02] I’ve like been in this for a long time. I wouldn’t want me to be creating supplements. I would want someone who’s way smarter than me. Somebody got like degrees in biochemistry who knows how each of these individual ingredients interact with the han body. And when they’re in combination, for example, did you know that in almost every energy drink, Michael, there, they use, caffeine and they used something called taurine, which is amino acids.

[00:08:24] Have 

[00:08:24] Mike: [00:08:24] you seen that taurine? Very addictive. 

[00:08:27] Nate Palmer: [00:08:27] What’s crazy about taurine. It’s a caffeine antagonist, which means it literally mitigates the effects of the caffeine. So there’s two possible explanations for this nber one. It’s malicious where it’s like, Hey, we’re going to put this in here. So you got to drink more energy drinks or nber two, it’s just like, We don’t really know how, like, we don’t really know how it works.

[00:08:47] So the people like, like every rock star, all red bull’s most, pre-workouts all these energy supplements have caffeine and taurine in them. But in reality, like taurine is what you should take before bed. It’s gonna relax you it’s gonna help you feel a lot better. So. It’s the, not the thing you want and an energy supplement and it’s in 90% of them on the market right now.

[00:09:05] Mike: [00:09:05] What, what is the actual, I think I heard it, but I just want to clarify what’s the actual effect of those two hanging out. I know you said Tarryn’s an antagonist, but what does that mean? Like 

[00:09:15] Nate Palmer: [00:09:15] what does it means? It blunts the caffeine effect on your physical and mental caffeine. Think of it like this. So like 

[00:09:24] Mike: [00:09:24] the point of having a Tarin in there, then I know 

[00:09:26] Nate Palmer: [00:09:26] that doesn’t point.

[00:09:27] It doesn’t make any sense. And so it’s either that they want you to have two red bulls rather than one, because you know, what’s going to happen is you’re going to spike up with the caffeine. You’re gonna kind of get that like kind of doled, like kind of crashy sensation afterwards, which I know, like we’ve all experienced.

[00:09:42] Like, man, I should just get another red bull and then do it again. Or it’s just like, Hey, this is the way we’ve always done it. And we don’t, we haven’t bothered actually because the science and I 

[00:09:50] Mike: [00:09:50] can, I can give you, I can give you almost emphatically positive on nber one, because why would they do a nber two if they knew they could make more money because they’re not in business to make friends that, that, I mean that, and that’s just the bottom line that anybody that thinks that, that these energy drinks are really trying to help you up.

[00:10:11] You know, and I, and I gotta be careful with that because I actually kind of rep one of them and it’s like, ah, I don’t talk that much. And I don’t drink as much of it, as I do this, just coffee and I don’t drink a lot of this either. I used to drink like a pop and a half of this a day, I’m down to like a cup.

[00:10:33] , I think, I think the, I think the biggest misconception with people, this is that. They’re still paying attention to the videos and the ads. They’re not really doing any re not, and not that this isn’t a fault of the, of the public all the time. I mean, sometimes it’s, they don’t have the time to go do the 

[00:10:51] Nate Palmer: [00:10:51] research.

[00:10:52] And the research is the research can be contradictory depending on who’s the reasons you’re looking 

[00:10:56] Mike: [00:10:56] that is insane. I mean, if you’re not, if you’re not looking at actual medical or scientific reports and, and, and know how to read them, which is even harder. 

[00:11:05] Nate Palmer: [00:11:05] Yeah. Most people aren’t even qualified to like, to be able to read through anything besides an abstract.

[00:11:09] Yeah, 

[00:11:09] Mike: [00:11:09] exactly. And the abstracts aren’t always the greatest either. They don’t, they don’t bring up. I mean, Anyway, another podcast for another time, a 

[00:11:19] Nate Palmer: [00:11:19] rabbit hole, let’s go down. It it’s 

[00:11:21] Mike: [00:11:21] a, it’s a deep rabbit hole can go. You can go running into all kinds of conspiracy theories without one, but I’ve actually read some, some medical and scientific reports on certain supplements and certain pieces of nutrition.

[00:11:33] And it had me like, I’m not going to touch that again. And then I thought about it and I was like, well, wait a minute. No, I actually have to, because if I don’t, I’ll become deficient and you can’t be deficient in any of the needed, vitamins and minerals that you need on a daily basis. And in its proper form.

[00:11:50] You know how they, they, we were tested on, on what vitamins were fat-based what were, what, what were fat-soluble water-soluble, you know, and all that stuff. And I looked at that and I was like, she says, I haven’t done this in fricking years, thankfully I still remembered that it, which ones were, which I don’t think I could remember it now because it’s been so long, but, I think a lot of people miss on.

[00:12:13] , and then you can probably expand on this. I think a lot of people miss that if you’re going to die, that you’ve already been on one, but it’s probably not been in proper alignment with what your body wants or needs. Does that, does that sound right? 

[00:12:33] Nate Palmer: [00:12:33] Yeah. And I think that like, you’re, you’re a hundred percent right about that.

[00:12:35] Like you weren’t, we’re all on a diet. Right? My diet right now includes this delicious coffee, like, w we’re all like what our food, you know? And like, and beyond that, even it’s like, what are we taking in from the media? What are we looking at on social media? What are we reading? Like, it’s all part of like our attention and physical diets.

[00:12:50] So like we’re already on one. So what I don’t, I think people start thinking it’s like, okay, exercise is punishment. Food is earned. Cause I’m like, I’m a dog and I need to reward myself. You don’t get much of a treat and they, like, we start developing these disorders and mental, like ideas about food when, in reality exactly how you said we need to, like, we need to get back on track with what our body needs.

[00:13:11] And I really think that food is communication with our body. And for example, I’ll tell you kind of about like the breakfast. I don’t know, we’re kind of veering off course in your segment, but all this is, 

[00:13:21] Mike: [00:13:21] this is exactly, this is all good, dude. I told you so big biggest thing with me is this is relevant to what you’ve written about.

[00:13:29] And this is relevant to what you do. So go where the people miss on the breakfast element. And I, and I, I have a feeling I know where you’re going with this, so dig, go dig. 

[00:13:38] Nate Palmer: [00:13:38] So a lot of times we think is like, okay, what’s healthy. Fruits and vegetables are healthy. So like breakfast, I need to, Oh, man, I’m running out the door.

[00:13:45] I’m going to skip the Pop-Tarts. Okay. I’m gonna grab this banana on the way out the door and go like healthy choice. Right? Right. But what we don’t realize is the banner banana has a high carbs and high sugars, even though it’s fruit and they’re healthy for the most part, what we’re doing is we’re setting ourselves up in a wrong position for the day to have a ton of energy.

[00:14:01] Because especially if you have what’s called insulin resistance and easy way to know that is by doing your waist measurement divided by your height measurement, anything above 0.46. Is insulin resistant. Wow. So if you, if you have, if you have a belly, if you can grab your love handles, you’re probably insulin resistant.

[00:14:17] So, sorry, sorry for the bad news, anyone, but, basically if you grab that banana on the way out the door, You you eat it and your blood sugar spikes up. Okay. Just look like that. Just what happens. And if you’re not, if you’re not super sensitive to insulin, your insulin comes up too. Then your blood sugar goes down.

[00:14:32] Now you still have a little bit of insulin, your system. Now your body’s sending hunger signals to your brain because it doesn’t want to be out of balance. It wants to be right here and you’re right here. So it says, okay, we need to get some food. And rather than grabbing, like. Six blueberries. We grabbed like what happened on it at the break room or something like that.

[00:14:46] And we’re back up here and then we’re out of alignment and all day long, our energy is going up and down because we start with a really big time blood sugar spike. So in the, in the book, when I stay with the best possible breakfast you can have is a breakfast that consists of proteins and fats. Now proteins, proteins signal to your body, recover, restore, and rebuild.

[00:15:06] They’re made up of amino acids. They help you with your muscles. Like everyone knows that, but they also help you build up your ligaments, your joints, your tendons, they help, you know, acids turn into enzymes, which help you with important process in your brain. There’ll be think better. Be smarter, make more neural connections.

[00:15:20] They’re awesome. Right? That signal to your body, low impact activities. Fats fuel walking readings, studying, making videos, being on a podcast. Like anything that like as entrepreneurs or people that are like are, you know, digital nomads or like, like a business owners that we’re doing on a daily basis, switching these hats in and out.

[00:15:38] Right? Yep. So we signal to our body, Hey, recovering to build fuel or low-impact activities for the day. Carbohydrates and go hand signal, high impact activities. The carbohydrates are great. I’m all for them, but we want to make sure we’re doing is we’re eating them at the right times to either a refuel our, our muscle glycogen stores.

[00:15:56] Or if we’re going to go out and run a 10 K or RO you know, this much, or do it like a, some sort of hard hitting activity we need, we need our body to have the fuel for that. So most of us aren’t working in construction right now. So we don’t need that kind of, high impact fuel that day. 

[00:16:14] Mike: [00:16:14] I think, I think one of the things, cause I, I know this is a real big deal right now.

[00:16:18] , and I do it once in a while the intermittent fasting thing, it can help. I’m just wondering, and everybody’s different. I just don’t know how long that kind of lifestyle can be maintained. Any insights on that. So glad 

[00:16:39] Nate Palmer: [00:16:39] you asked. So I call them, I call my seven, seven daily investments. Cause you know, like trying to keep it, keep it all like very, very, honed in on the fact that like, if you feel better, if you look better, if you have more energy, you make more money.

[00:16:54] I talked to a lot of business owners. I’m not a business coach, but I can help people make more money by helping them to get healthier. So, like then I have one weekly investment where I talk about intermittent fasting, but I do it in a specific way. That’s great for both men and women. And what most people think about intermittent fasting.

[00:17:12] We’re kind of thinking about that 16 hour fasting window with an eight hour feeding window. Yeah. Which can be good, but only for men. Women should not do that style of fasting. It can mess with their hormonal balance. So real no-no on that, but this style of fasting, which basically is once per week, we do a 24 hour fast.

[00:17:30] So let’s say we were going to fast tomorrow. So we’d eat a little bit of an earlier dinner tonight and we’d eat a little bit of a later dinner tomorrow. So you spend a 24 hour period fast, but you don’t go full day without food. Okay. Not very mentally taxing. And there’s a couple different reasons for this.

[00:17:44] Again, we’re going back to the communication aspect. Now we weren’t really like, like, we don’t have like a bunch of like agrarian. Like we weren’t evolving to, to be on farms to be like harvesting grain we’re hunters and gatherers. Right? Yeah. So our body kind of exist in this spectr of like of your central nervous system.

[00:18:02] On one side of it, you have the, the rest and digest that’s called parasympathetic nervous system. Right? On the other hand, you have fight or flight. This is like getting chased by a cheetah way over here. Right? That’s our sympathetic nervous system. We want to be able to swing back and forth during the right times of the day.

[00:18:15] So, you know, when you have that Chipotle burrito at, at lunchtime and you start going way over here and you’re like, man, I’m tired. I’m gonna lay under the desk. Have like a little thing. It doesn’t matter. 

[00:18:23] Mike: [00:18:23] Just a protein bowl. No, no burritos. I don’t need the flour. 

[00:18:27] Nate Palmer: [00:18:27] Yeah, fair enough. But like, but so you already, you already kind of understand this instinctually, but you, you have, you you’ve had that experience.

[00:18:33] Thanks. Like, think about Thanksgiving. When I first 

[00:18:35] Mike: [00:18:35] went to Chipotle, trust me, it was always burritos. And then it was just like, ah, we can do pools. Let’s do a ball and way different feeling. No, no drop. Just kind of like, and I didn’t catch it until like maybe probably fourth or fifth time eating there.

[00:18:50] And also it’s like, I don’t feel tired cause I, I, cause usually after something like yesterday I went to Chili’s. And I did their free lunch. They’re like, so do you want flour or corn? I’m like, do I have to have those? They’re like, no, I’m like good kill it. And they brought it. And I sent, I basically had the vegetables, the vegetables, the chicken, the guacamole, and a couple of sprinkles, the cheese didn’t eat the rice.

[00:19:15] Nate Palmer: [00:19:15] You’re definitely doing exactly what I’m late. What I lay out here, like that’s I even call out for Rita’s minus the tortillas as like one of your top lunches, 

[00:19:25] Mike: [00:19:25] , I’m there with you, br. I I’m in I’m I’m vested, but again, it goes, it goes back to just exactly what you were saying is we don’t want the swing to be so hard and then stuck on one side or the other.

[00:19:38] We need to be able to keep it. Been balanced. 

[00:19:43] Nate Palmer: [00:19:43] So we’re not fasting day going to go back, going back to that during a fasting time, like the best time to hunt is when you’re hungry. Oh, yeah. Well, I know we’re going to be out there hunting bison right now, but in our businesses and our lives are still, there’s still things that are important.

[00:19:55] I don’t know if you’ve ever sat down to like write a long pay, like a long form sales copy or film a great like video series or something like that. It really hard to do, like on the heels of like a Thanksgiving dinner, you don’t want to be like, right. So when you found that 

[00:20:09] Mike: [00:20:09] a promotional video, but not for it, not for an informational one, right?

[00:20:12] You don’t want to be like this after Thanksgiving 

[00:20:16] Nate Palmer: [00:20:16] coming to you from my recliner right now. Exactly. 

[00:20:20] Mike: [00:20:20] Well, not doing Peloton tonight, baby. Skip it. 

[00:20:26] Nate Palmer: [00:20:26] So if we stay in this like this, like not like fight or flight, like running for our lives, but in this like lightly sympathetic state, this is like, we’re going to have more mental acuity.

[00:20:35] We’re gonna have more focus. We’re gonna be able to make matter better connections mentally, like things that you wouldn’t normally like connect, you’re gonna just be smarter. You’re gonna feel faster. So when you’re fasted, When you’re fast and you, you are, you have higher energy and higher focus, and there’s a diminishing return on that about like two or three days, depending on when that hunger like really takes over, but it keeps you in a great state.

[00:20:56] Energetically, it helps you balance your insulin resistance, which you mentioned earlier. It, it like, it’s basically a nutritional insurance policy because you’re decreasing your weekly caloric intake by 18%. And you’re going to, like, once you finish a fast, you just have so much like. There’s like a weird, like sense of pride about it, where like, I didn’t eat 24 hours.

[00:21:15] I got a lot done. Like I’m kind of, the man is really, and it feels super good because it’s like, it’s like going to the gym, like you did something tough. You put, like, you put something like a, like a deposit in your, in your bike, health and fitness bank account. And then I also think of it as like an esteemable action.

[00:21:34] Right. You want to build a self esteem? You’ve got to do esteemable actions. Hit, like you say, you’re gonna hit the gym. So you hit the gym. You say you’re going faster. You fast, those, all those things like build your own confidence. So I think it’s, there’s something really magic about it, but I think kind of just in smary, the 24 hour fast once per week can be very powerful and probably better for most people than a daily 16 hour fast, like you said, which can be so unsustainable, Rick 

[00:21:57] Mike: [00:21:57] real quick, real quick.

[00:22:00] What is a good choice of day? That’ll mean, you know, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, but what kind of a day is it best to do something like that? A busy day, 

[00:22:11] Nate Palmer: [00:22:11] a busy day. Yes. Stack up your appointments, have a lot going on, block your calendar off and then just go, go hard on it. Because if you do it on a weekend, I did it on a Sunday, like one time and never again, because you’re sitting around being like.

[00:22:24] Man. I think about food all the time. It’s amazing to think about food so much. If you’re not busy, we do at home, you know, you’ve got the fridge right 

[00:22:33] Mike: [00:22:33] there. Yeah. You know, what’s funny is my fridge right now is overfilled with food, my neighbor came in last night and said here, I made some homemade chicken soup and I’m like, I just ate, what am I going to do with this though?

[00:22:46] So it’s in the fridge sitting there waiting for lunch today, but that’s yeah, I think that’s, that’s huge, dude. There’s a lot more to unpack on that, we’re actually going to take a short 30 second break guys. And when we come back, we’re going to go into the next section, which is you can hear he’s a passionate dude.

[00:23:03] So I’m going to, I’m going to go digging on what is it that makes him this passionate and inspires them and gets them moving. So, Yeah, this has been good so far. I’m just going to be interesting to see what we get up next. So we’ll be back in about 30 seconds 


and we’re back here at Java chat coffee with Mike hanging out with Nate Palmer, author trainer, coach.

[00:23:20] , extraordinary, if you will, we were just talking a little bit about, some of the things that you can do as far as. Putting together your diet properly, and if you guys were listening earlier, you could hear the passion in his voice. So obviously this is something that really gets him moving.

[00:23:36] And this second section is always talking about what, you know, what inspires us, what moves us, what gets us moving? , what’s our why? So that’s what we’re going to dig into at this point. Your first, why was that 11 year old? That experienced that craziness, but as you went on, obviously something else started taking its place.

[00:23:55] What, what changed. 

[00:23:57] Nate Palmer: [00:23:57] Well, for me personally, I think like start like kind of what we kind of ended talking about, like the self-esteem and self-confidence like, I, wasn’t a really confident kid. So like having something where I was like, Hey, I literally haven’t missed a workout in two years. You know, like I set a goal and like, Hey, my, my results aren’t even coming that fast.

[00:24:14] I had a doctor literally telling me, Mike, that like, He said, you’re not, you’re not an exercise responder, your body’s not going to really respond to exercise. I would shoot. I would choose to run. That’s not acceptable. I’m not gonna like, so I kind of just, when it like, went against his advice and just like continue to train.

[00:24:30] So like maybe it takes me a little bit longer than other people, but I was, I was okay. Paying that. So like, that was kinda, my thing was like, Wow. Like, I’ve seen that if I put my mind to something, you literally can’t beat me at it because I’m not going to give up, you know, like it might take me two years when she showed me three months, but I’m going to get there.

[00:24:47] And I like, and so I feel like having that mentality has served me so well and all these other things, my life, like building a business and just like going after any goals that I set for myself. And I think that has been like a huge, Like, just not like an amazing part of my story and something that I love bringing to other people.

[00:25:04] So like, I feel like once you get to the point where like, okay, I feel pretty good. Like my fitness goals are really like, you know, just maintain my, like my, my body stay really healthy, have like, you know, have like vibrant energy and stuff like that. That it’s like, okay, well, how can we help other people do the same thing?

[00:25:19] Right. So I love like my legacy that I like to leave behind is I want to be known as a guy who just like you, you being in my. Like my circle, you being associated, affiliated with me at all means that you are getting healthier and you’re making more money. Like I, like, I just want that for my life. The people that are though, as I go, I just like hate seeing newers and business owners and these smart, capable people that are largely like driving so much of like of the economy and creating jobs and dudes struggling with their weight loss like that.

[00:25:52] Irks me because they keep getting fed to these BS lies by supplement companies. Well, magic pill. You’ve got to take a thermogenic. Do X, you just got to do KIDO. You know what? Look, if you watch the forks overnight or whatever the newest Netflix docentary is, and you’ve got to go vegan, like that’s how you get, that’s how you fix all these things.

[00:26:10] And if there’s so much confusing, conflicting, and put out there by people who have a, something to gain from you following their advice. Yeah. So I wanted to try to make it as simple as possible so that this book is really, it’s not like my first book was like, Hey, here’s a bunch of information and people read it and we’re like, great.

[00:26:29] This is like, this is like, no, read the book now apply it. There’s a 28. That’s a 28 day program that I want you to just follow my exact framework on. Okay. Lay it all out there. A lot of books, I feel like these days are like written. It’s like, Hey, I got this cool, interesting idea. By the one of my coaching program, you can have access to the ideas.

[00:26:49] I give it all the way. I want you to have, I want people to have the information I want. I don’t want them to be stuck in this health purgatory that so many people are just like dealing with day after day, week after week. Because like, I don’t know if you have felt this at all, but when you’re not healthy, when you don’t like, look and feel the way you want to feel, you don’t have the, you have this constant track playing in the back of your mind.

[00:27:11] It’s like, I’m not good enough. I need to fix this. I need to get healthy. And like, if you have that plan, you can’t be fully present. You can’t be fully engaged with your family. You can’t be fully engaged with your work. Right. So kill that voice once. And for all I tell people, like when they get up, when like we work together with people, I say, let’s have this conversation today for the last time in your life.

[00:27:29] I don’t want to have this conversation with you in a year. I want to be, I want you to be out the door being like I’m, I’m killing it. Yeah. So like that’s really, my, my passion is, is when, like, I’m like the one that, the happiest things that like the best things you can say to me is if we work together, you do your, you do like you do the program, he gets the results, whatever.

[00:27:47] And then I go, Hey, how’s your diet going? You go, I don’t really on a diet. This is just how I eat now. Like that, that pps me up so much. 

[00:27:54] Mike: [00:27:54] Now that that changes a lot of things. When somebody can finally sit there and going, I’m not on a diet. Yeah, exactly. I think that the, the, the diet. Or health and wellness industry has, unfortunately as much as they’ve done good, have done a lot of damage.

[00:28:13] , and, and I don’t, I don’t know necessarily that it was intentional. I think it’s kind of just how it evolved, I don’t, this is going to give my age away, but some of the first protein powders did not dissolve well at all. And they had the horrible flavors, in fact, a couple of them, I couldn’t even handle, it was bad, but it was the whole new supplement thing that was coming out.

[00:28:45] And I watched it change over the years. I’ve been old and I’m, I’m, I’m old enough to know that things have changed. Thankfully, as far as the, the great of, quality supplements have gotten wonderful, but the way it’s marketed has gone the other way, like you said, you know, come follow me, come to my book, come join my coaching program and go buy these supplements, use this link, right?

[00:29:11] It’s like, it’s an affiliate purchase, d. But the general populace doesn’t know this stuff, which is, which is one of the reasons why I’m glad we’re talking about this, Just because it says it’s a good supplement. Doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good supplement for you, 

[00:29:28] Nate Palmer: [00:29:28] or even in general, you know, like, no one’s gonna put on ours.

[00:29:33] That’s an average 

[00:29:34] Mike: [00:29:34] supplement. Well, I, it was funny because I’ve had as a, as a, as an influencer online, I’ve tested out, you know, the, the, testosterone, boosters and stuff, and it’s like, all right. Yeah. I felt a little something. But I got my vitamin D three and I’ve got my K2. I’ve got, you know, I’ve got all the normal stuff.

[00:29:54] I can do it with just normal. So, you know, normal nutrition, you know, I’m eating foods that I should be eating, of course I’m also eating this stuff. I shouldn’t, but that’s, I’ll be hot dogs, anyway, the, the, the idea of it is when we have, when we have that mentality, finally, I think. That crazy eight that you’re talking about, that I’m not good enough and I need to change this and all I’m doing great, but, and then they Slack off and then they come back and it’s like, Oh, I’m not doing good enough.

[00:30:25] And then they Slack off. It’s like, people do that to themselves too. And I think with what you have going on, it’ll, it’ll, it’ll eliminate this crazy eight thing that keeps going on to a point where the cycle now just becomes, Oh yeah, it’s just life. Does that 

[00:30:40] Nate Palmer: [00:30:40] sound about, right? Absolutely. And I think one of the big things there is it’s connecting, connecting your food and your, and your training and your like water intake and how much you’re sleeping and stuff to the other areas of your life, but are arguably more important.

[00:30:53] Like there’s not a lot of people who are just like, Oh man, I cannot wait to go do Bulgarian, split squats at the gym tomorrow. I’m so excited. I don’t know those people and they’re probably psychopaths, but for most of us, it’s like wanted to know 

[00:31:05] Mike: [00:31:05] me in my twenties then.

[00:31:09] Nate Palmer: [00:31:09] I think I probably actually, I liked that guy though, but, but like most of us are like, Hey, you know what? I want to have an amazing weekend with my family. I want to, I want to increase my revenue, my business by 50%. Like I w I L I want to have put out a great, like, new bit, like a new product. I want to put out like some amazing videos.

[00:31:27] Like we get amped up about that. So when we can connect, Hey, if I don’t eat something stupid for breakfast, and I follow this, like really easy formula for lunch. I could put out better content. I can switch hats much more easily. I can show up for my family at five 30 and be like, what’s up guys, rather than being like, hold up, hold up.

[00:31:47] That he needs, daddy’s an hour on Instagram. Like when we connect those things, it’s, it’s so much easier to be like, this is how I eat. This is how I eat because it serves me 

[00:31:57] Mike: [00:31:57] well. Yeah. I think, I think a lot of people would serve themselves better to really pay attention to what you just said, so who are some of the, like, who are some of the people that you looked up to as you were going through all of this?

[00:32:09] Like anybody from like I’ve had people say their mom and dad, I’ve had people say that our first coach, their last coach or whatever, who are some of the ones that have inspired you? 

[00:32:20] Nate Palmer: [00:32:20] Yeah. That’s a great question. I appreciate you asking. So I’ve actually had such an amazing, like, career and just the ability to be mentored by some really, really smart people.

[00:32:29] But I’d be honestly remiss to not mention one thing. My dad said to me, when I was younger, that’s always stuck with me. He said, if somebody, if somebody can do something, so can you, if someone can do it, so can you okay. And like that for some reason like that, just like that is on repeat in my head. And I know that like, if, if it’s possible for someone to do something, I’m not, might not be like the sharpest tool in the shed, the brightest, the brightest tool in the shed.

[00:32:55] But, but like, I know that. W like, if I can see someone doing something with enough time, I can get there too. And so I feel like that’s always been in the back of my mind. Like, there’s like, my ceiling is unlimited. I have no, there’s no stopping me given enough time. Yeah. And I think that’s like been a really powerful for me because like before I did frozen fitness, I was doing like door to door.

[00:33:16] I did door to door sales for a little bit. I sold advertising and like that lesson has just served me so well. 

[00:33:22] Mike: [00:33:22] , I want everybody to hear that again. Really hear that again, cause it, it, that theme abounds and just about everything in life, whether you’re in marketing sales, business, operations, accounting, fitness, and nutrition, startups, if somebody else has done it, you can, to your father’s words are huge wisdom brother.

[00:33:47] That’s huge. 

[00:33:49] Nate Palmer: [00:33:49] Yeah. It’s, 

[00:33:50] Mike: [00:33:50] it’s one of those deals where. There’s still, there’s still that circle of people. I’m not worth it. I’m not worthy. I can’t, I can’t. And it’s like, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, they did it. You can do it too. But what if this, but what if that’s like cut the butter, cut the what ifs and the bullshit.

[00:34:05] If they did it, you can do it too. I love father’s wisdoms like that. That’s awesome 

[00:34:09] Nate Palmer: [00:34:09] too. Yeah. Yeah. So shut that. Shut those voices down. And honestly, don’t think about it. Just put your head down or better yet. Find someone who’s done it. So like, if I want what you have, Michael, I got to come to you and say like, Hey, how can I be like you?

[00:34:23] How can you, how can you help me be more like you, as I’ve invested in a lot of coaching programs and mentorship opportunities, because I’ve. Like I see people that have things that I want or doing things at a high level. And I go, Whoa, can you please help me? Why don’t I? So after I quit my, that my first corporate job, after three months, I went to, I opened my own business kind of out of a studio with some other trainers.

[00:34:43] And there was a, there was an amazing training and Aaron and Roger Craig, and he was all about biomechanics and stretching and working with golfers and like helping people move better. And I studied under this guy for three years and he was. Unbelievable. So he made me like han, be take people through the stretching sequence and working on their bodies and eventually to be certified under him, he made me do all this stuff.

[00:35:02] Blindfolded, taking someone through a full sequence, assessing their ranges of motion and figuring stuff out. And it helped me. It helped my career. Like so, so much to help, like to understand the, how the body works on this. Like very, very in-depth debate in depth, like level. And I cannot like, I’m so thankful that I got to experience him in an early part of my career.

[00:35:22] Mike: [00:35:22] Roger is definitely somebody that I, I don’t know him. I, the name sounds familiar, but I already have high respect because he took away one of the, one of the main senses that most coaches rely on their site. And turned it into something where you had to feel it in order to prove that you understood it and knew what you were.

[00:35:44] That’s pretty, that’s huge, dude. That’s awesome. Yeah, I can bet it must have. I must, it must really allow you to, to, to like, when you look at somebody, it gives you like a greater awareness of their whole being, which I didn’t have a Roger Craig, but. I had, I had somebody that was teaching me that the personal trainer, that’s funny, I had a client and she was battling the little, the little bulge down in front, the lower AB.

[00:36:17] And she came, I think she came for like five sessions session, nber three, there she’s doing curls. And I stood on the side of her and I looked at her and I went, Hey, do me a favor. She goes, what I said. Tuck your pelvis in a little bit. And all she did was tilt your pelvis. This much

[00:36:39] gone. She looked at it and she went. He turned to the side and she goes, Oh my gosh. I said, yep, you’re done. Don’t need you for the next two sessions, have a good day. And she started laughing. She goes, no, no, no, Nope. That was the object. You said that was what you wanted fixed. It’s fixed. We’re done. And, and of course my, my fit director is sitting there going, Oh my God, what is it?

[00:36:59] Nate Palmer: [00:36:59] Upset, upset. 

[00:37:01] Mike: [00:37:01] Yeah. It’s like, you’re going to lose all this money and she still came back for two more sessions just to work out. 

[00:37:06] Nate Palmer: [00:37:06] But no, one’s going to, no, one’s going to fire you after you fix their biggest issue. Oh, no, no. 

[00:37:11] Mike: [00:37:11] And what’s funny was she was, she was, a tourist. She was a visitor. She came in and jped in on it.

[00:37:16] So she would have probably become a client, but it just, it was, it was hilarious. Cause I, it, when you are that kind of aware as a, as a trainer or a coach, All of a sudden, you have, you have the power of perspective. I like to call it where you’re able to, where you’re able to see things for what they truly are.

[00:37:37] , which I wish many more people today would have, but another, another 

[00:37:42] Nate Palmer: [00:37:42] day, another, another, like amazing like mentor set of mentors. As I worked at this gym in Seattle, my wife and I like packed up and left that left Arizona. We’re both from here. Our families are here, we just kind of wanted to switch it up.

[00:37:54] So we moved to Seattle. We had one, like one friend out there. I got a job at this gym called pro sports club. So it’s like, kind of Microsoft’s. Like big jam. They have like a 350,000 square foot facility. Like it’s interesting. It’s an amazing gym, a beautiful, they have like seven swimming pools warehouse, 

[00:38:10] Mike: [00:38:10] my guess.

[00:38:11] Nate Palmer: [00:38:11] Yeah. They had 150 trainers. Like this place is bonkers and all these trainers were so smart and so passionate and so good at their jobs. And like, I’m, I’m used to like, like, I was kinda used to like the, like the Globo gym where people are like, All right, Sharon, another four reps. Good job, sweetie.

[00:38:32] Mike: [00:38:32] Instagram, this wait, let’s just have that. 

[00:38:35] Nate Palmer: [00:38:35] So and so all these guys were just on point and then every month we would do these, we would do these, like continuing education units where we would learn about like, Diabetes and hypertension, insulin resistance, and how leptin and ghrelin work with your body.

[00:38:47] And just like, and th this program had like, this gym had a great program called the 2020 lifestyles program. And like I said before, 95% of people who lose weight, gain it back. This program had a 50, 50, so 50% of people who gain it back on this program, which still sounds like a lot, but I bet 

[00:39:02] Mike: [00:39:02] less than 95%.

[00:39:03] Are you kidding? That’s so 

[00:39:06] Nate Palmer: [00:39:06] getting to, getting to work with clients in this capacity, and actually it’s like, Communicating with doctors and communicating with our psychologists and talking with other trainers and dieticians, and just like having access to this amazing network of just really at people about han physiology and nutrition, just gave me so much more insight into.

[00:39:24] Into weight loss. And how, like, how do you work with your han body? Like versus trying to like fight against it. I’m going to do keto until it works. That kind of mentality. So, like I just had 

[00:39:36] Mike: [00:39:36] you right now. It’s cool, dude. I, I have a couple of friends that are doing very well on keto cause they, they.

[00:39:43] Figured it out and they figured it out in a way that really benefits them, but even they, they understand it’s not going to be forever, but the rest of the populace looks at it and it’s just like, Oh look, magic pill. Oh look, magic bullet. And it’s like, Oh no, please, please 

[00:39:57] Nate Palmer: [00:39:57] don’t do this to yourself.

[00:39:59] Yeah. What suffer through the keto flu for two weeks and then gain all your weight back after you had your first bagel. Like, no, thanks. I’d rather be happy. 

[00:40:07] Mike: [00:40:07] You said Vegas today? Damn. I need to go get one, it’s going to be, it’s going to be salmon and bagels for lunch. Kidding, cool.  are you sure? Are you where’s that perspective?

[00:40:23] Nate Palmer: [00:40:23] , tell me more about stuffing cheetahs though. Come on. 

[00:40:28] Mike: [00:40:28] I’m going to get everything on it. Fully cream cheese. It just had to get, I have to get going, 

[00:40:32] Nate Palmer: [00:40:32] Mike.

[00:40:36] Oh, shucks. 

[00:40:37] Mike: [00:40:37] All right. Cool. Well, I’m sure there’s a lot more that you can share that in and of itself though. Those two things, having, having a collective, if you will, the people that are really passionate about it, obviously that helps too, that inspires daily. You’re now on your own though, down in Arizona, what’s keeping you going.

[00:40:55] What motivates you in the morning? Same thing or what. 

[00:40:59] Nate Palmer: [00:40:59] Well, I feel like there’s a couple of things right now. So I got a, I got a, a baby daughter, two and a half, my son is doing like two weeks. Congratulations 

[00:41:08] Mike: [00:41:08] again, daddy. 

[00:41:10] Nate Palmer: [00:41:10] So God like God kind of that like that, like it’s, it feels, I think it’s feel weightier now.

[00:41:15] Right? It’s not just me like messing around, like doing a little online business here and there. So. Kind of, it feels like I need to be a little more serious about that. And I actually built up a, like a PR I would say like, the business that I was looking for, I created over the course of the last, like three or four years.

[00:41:31] And so now I’m looking to figure out how can I, how can I start now taking the business that I’ve created and transitioning to like a lifestyle that that’s really gonna allow me to be a huge part of my kids’ lives and show and not miss dinners and like, just be, be around a little bit more. So, nber one, like from a personal perspective, I want to create a business that.

[00:41:48] Gets people results first and foremost, which is why I wrote the book, that allows me to live a lifestyle on my terms, you know, have a little bit more time, time, freedom. And then also, like, I want to be the go-to guy, that business builders, that entrepreneurs, that like high-level executives, people who are like, who needs to think.

[00:42:06] And like love pouring themselves into their work. I want to be the guy that they come to when they’re ready to make that change, because I love talking to people like that. They’re so cool and so fun. And it pps me up so much. I’m sorry to make this all about me, but like, but then if I can help those guys make these lifestyle changes.

[00:42:22] So like you can help like the world movers and the people who are in the trenches doing the work, actually elevate their own business, their own, their own. Like energy, their own focus. Like how much, how much could we change the world with that? If you had an, if, if every, if I gave everyone extra two hours of good work during the day and then allowed them to get home and their family, because they’re just, their focus was better.

[00:42:45] Like what would change about that? Like for these people and like, like. Their neighborhoods, their cities though, like the country, like what, what would that do for people? I’m excited. I’m here for it. I 

[00:42:55] Mike: [00:42:55] think it would do a ton, honestly. So that’s that’s. That’s awesome, dude. Thanks for sharing. We’re gonna take another short 30 second break.

[00:43:01] When we come back, we’re going to talk about what’s up for the future. We already heard a little bit about it, cause we’ve got a new arrival on the way, but. I’m sure. There’s a lot more to talk about. So we’ll be back about 30.


 Welcome back to Java chat. We’re hanging out here with Nate Palmer trainer, author, coach, and, just all around.

[00:43:16] Cool dude.  we’re talking a little bit more about what’s coming up, in the future. We were talking a little bit, earlier in the last section, he’s going to be a dad again, second time, and of course he’s got the new book out. What’s the title of the 

[00:43:29] Nate Palmer: [00:43:29] book again? The million dollar body method, the entrepreneur’s diet for superhan to focus and rapid fat loss.

[00:43:36] Mike: [00:43:36] How many, how many pages are in that 

[00:43:39] Nate Palmer: [00:43:39] one 72. Perfect. 

[00:43:42] Mike: [00:43:42] So just look at this. It’s a one day read and essentially, Oh 

[00:43:46] Nate Palmer: [00:43:46] yeah. Yeah, it does nice formatting though. Oh my gosh. 

[00:43:49] Mike: [00:43:49] Yeah. Who who’s the, who is your publisher? 

[00:43:51] Nate Palmer: [00:43:51] I am the publisher. I self published. There you go. I managed to hit a nber one bestseller in small business and in macro diets on Amazon.

[00:43:59] So very excited about that. This is tough to 

[00:44:02] Mike: [00:44:02] get that. That’s 

[00:44:02] Nate Palmer: [00:44:02] good. Congratulations up on Russell Brunson for like three hours

[00:44:09] Mike: [00:44:09] Russell Brunson.  yeah. Anyway, kinda not like another. Chat for another time. Me and my business partners kind of bust on him a lot because of what we know, and, and the fact that our marketing agency can actually do stuff that ClickFunnels can’t, but that’s not a story for another time, boy, if I catch hate for that one, so when it comes to your future, as far as your, what your plans are with your business, what are you looking 

[00:44:38] Nate Palmer: [00:44:38] at?

[00:44:40] , are you talking like, like specifically, like how is my business running for the future or kind of like, what is like the grand goal? What’s the grand 

[00:44:47] Mike: [00:44:47] goal? Where do you want to get to what’s? What’s what’s what’s the plan, man. 

[00:44:51] Nate Palmer: [00:44:51] Well, like, I don’t necessarily know if I, like, I don’t have really plans of like world domination.

[00:44:55] I’m not trying to build this like giant. Okay. We’re 

[00:44:57] Mike: [00:44:57] done goodbye. Nope. I want world dominators here. I know it’s 

[00:45:04] Nate Palmer: [00:45:04] not true, but I just want to, like, I want to kind of be like the behind the scenes, like guy who’s kind of the secret weapon. For a lot of like entrepreneurs and business builders. And I want them to, like, I want them to either read my book, go through one of my programs, do some of my coaching.

[00:45:18] It’s like, cause, cause there’s like, this is the framework, this builds the base. Okay. And then after this, now the chance, like now the challenge is how do we take the framework we learned and turn it into a, like the other foods we like. So like we talk about proteins and fats in the morning, so, okay. I offer you like one suggestion on that for the, for like the duration of the 20 day challenge.

[00:45:38] Cool. Just do the tone. Just do exactly what I say. And then once we, once we move past that, well, I don’t want you to have to eat the exact same thing every single day for the rest of your life. So here’s the different protein options here, different fat options. So if you want to have like, Clams and avocado for breakfast, I guess you could sounds gross, but like the live, your live, your life, you know, like let’s on the 

[00:45:58] Mike: [00:45:58] coast and that’s all they got brother that’s, you know, it might, it might have to be, you know, 

[00:46:03] Nate Palmer: [00:46:03] a little Frank’s on.

[00:46:04] It’d probably be all right.

[00:46:08] Mike: [00:46:08] Hi chip. Yeah. Anyway. 

[00:46:10] Nate Palmer: [00:46:10] So I just felt like my goal is really just like to help, like a hundred thousand entrepreneurs get, like, get out of their own way in terms of their health and fitness and start focusing on the important things like I want. Like, my goal is really for people to stop thinking about health and fitness and all those people to fire me.

[00:46:26] Like I want, I don’t want to be involved in your life long-term because that means something’s broken. 

[00:46:31] Mike: [00:46:31] That’s the Mark of a true nutritionist slash trainer is I don’t want you forever. I need you to understand what you’re doing and then I need you to go away because somebody else needs me and, and it’s not.

[00:46:43] And it’s never said that way in a manner of, I don’t like you. I might love you. I might love you as a, as a friend and a person forever, but you can’t have me forever. You don’t need me forever. That’s up here. I think, I think that’s an excellent goal for that. That’s really cool. Do you have any, any, any other plans, like, do you plan on doing any speaking engagements eventually or podcasting or something like that, or?

[00:47:08] Nate Palmer: [00:47:08] Yeah, so I’ve been, I’ve been podcasting for a little bit. Now my podcast is called the million dollar body podcast. You can find it on. Other, all the other platforms. I think we’re about to hit, well, two episodes away from a hundred. So feeling pretty good about that graph. I love public speaking. It’s like, again, it was a thing I was so, so scared to do.

[00:47:26] I literally pee my pants in seventh grade, trying to give a speech Jr. Jr. Token. 

[00:47:32] Mike: [00:47:32] You’re not the only one. There’s a lot of people that did. And I I’m I’m, I’m a live wire, so I’m not one of those guys. I would P if you told me last second that I couldn’t speak, then it’d be like, what? No, that’s, I’m the opposite.

[00:47:44] But I have a lot of friends that were like, they get up and they freeze. 

[00:47:50] Nate Palmer: [00:47:50] But it’s fun to overcome those things. Right. And the only way you can do that is through reps through consistency, through practice. So I really like, in 2019 I had a goal of speaking, like getting paid to speak two times and I actually ended up speaking at eight different places then that year, which was so fun for me.

[00:48:05] And I just like, I love the rush. I love talking. Yeah, obviously, but I would love to do a Ted talk in, this year. That was a goal for last year, but like, you know, something, I can’t even remember what it was. Something like about not traveling. 

[00:48:18] I 

[00:48:18] Mike: [00:48:18] actually know somebody I can probably turn you on to that can actually help you design a Ted talk.

[00:48:24] , she’s in Germany, and she has done a Ted talk, so she knows how to format it, just remind me to, to connect the two of you. Cool. Thank you, man. I appreciate that. Yeah, sure. No. I mean, part of, part of the reason that I do this is to connect good people, you know, as I learned from all of you, all of my guests, there’s also the thing that made back of my head going, who can I introduce this person to can I can connect them to so that they can further each others, goals and aspirations connectors 

[00:48:55] Nate Palmer: [00:48:55] are the best people in the 

[00:48:56] Mike: [00:48:56] world.

[00:48:57] I, I try to, it’s it was funny because, I, I can’t remember what book it was, but I read the story about being a connector versus being a networker. And literally, I learned it through another group called CEO space, I don’t know if they’re still around or not, but literally during, during their events, People would literally open up their phones after hearing somebody’s story about being an entrepreneur and building a startup.

[00:49:25] And they’d be just like, you need to talk to, and they would literally open up their phone and call. I know that looked like a flip phone. That’s how old it is. And it was called don’t hate and they would call their contact and go, Hey bill, I just heard this thing. I think you need to hear this and they would literally hand the phone over to somebody else.

[00:49:47] And make that connection. And that’s how I view any of my guests, if I can, benefit them that way. That’s, that’s what I’d want to do. I 

[00:49:55] Nate Palmer: [00:49:55] love that. It’s really like, it’s really that Go-Giver mentality. It’s like, how much can you help? Like, cause I really think that like, we all rise up together, right? So if like, that’s why I said like my legacy, I want people around me to be healthier and make more money and like, Like, do I need to get paid on everyone?

[00:50:10] Who’s getting healthy around me? No, like I got people in my, I have a million dollar body group on Facebook. People who never liked my stuff, never comment on anything. And then like a year later they’ll message me and be like, Hey man, I’ve been watching your stuff behind the scenes. I’ve lost 25 pounds.

[00:50:23] I’m feeling like the best shape of my life. And I’m like, yes, let’s go. The 

[00:50:27] Mike: [00:50:27] lurkers. The lurkers are the ones that are interestingly, a lot more intelligent than most people 

[00:50:34] Nate Palmer: [00:50:34] think. Vista, like there’s definitely a sophisticated market. They’re not gonna just respond to all my CTA and stuff. 

[00:50:39] Mike: [00:50:39] Yeah. It’s funny.

[00:50:41] They’re the hardest  getting their results, I get that. That’s funny, so you, you have a group, is that you said that is that on Facebook? 

[00:50:51] Nate Palmer: [00:50:51] Yeah, so you can get there by going and I’ll send this to you with, but N eight training We’ll get you to there a free group. Just like if you join in on the fun, I’d put all my best content in there.

[00:51:02] We go live once a week talking and talking to experts. Like we do a lot of stuff about fitness, but I try and do like the, the bit like the, like for the, for the podcast, kind of the intersection of fit fitness and business building. So like yesterday we heard from, my buddy who wrote a book called the lifestyle investor.

[00:51:15] He does, he was talking about how to create passive income and like, where do you go for like, Cashflow investments and stuff. So it was amazing to get a chance to talk to him, just like, man, my life is awesome. I just, I love what I do. And I love the people I get to connect with on a, on a daily basis.

[00:51:28] That’s 

[00:51:29] Mike: [00:51:29] sweet. And then I would asse you’re on all the other platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram and stuff like that. And pretty much under the name, the same username 

[00:51:37] Nate Palmer: [00:51:37] and eight training, pretty much on everything. Right. 

[00:51:39] Mike: [00:51:39] Sweet sweet guys. You know, that all, all of the links will definitely be done below in the comments.

[00:51:44] Somebody wants to leave a question, make sure that you do down in the comments cause he’s gonna have, he’s going to have, I keep forgetting it’s the opposite. He’s going to have all the links when they go live on YouTube and all the different platforms, What’s one good, solid piece of advice that you can give to people that are probably struggling with that.

[00:52:05] The 95% that are struggling with that whole deal. What’s a good piece of advice you could give them besides reading the book. 

[00:52:11] Nate Palmer: [00:52:11] Yeah. Nber one, read the book. Nber two. Nber two, the, one of the best possible things you can do to kind of start making those like daily habitual, like investments in your health.

[00:52:21] That’s super cheap, super easy. It doesn’t take you any time at all. Like is like, and it just going to give you an amazing return on your investment is wake up in the morning, drink 32 ounces of water. First thing before you put anything else in your body and then do 60 seconds of a vigorous exercise, jping jacks, squats, shadow boxing.

[00:52:42] Jp rope. If you do those two things in the morning, in the first 30 minutes of waking up, and it takes you literally like, like less than two minutes to do this, you are going to have such a great day. And you’re going to start off that day with like already two big investments in your own health and nutrition.

[00:52:59] And it’s free. It doesn’t cause free 99. And if you don’t like it, you know what? I’ll give you your money back. 

[00:53:04] Mike: [00:53:04] Yeah, I bet you, you can triple it. You can triple, 

[00:53:07] Nate Palmer: [00:53:07] triple it. Triple it. I’ll send you a video of me doing pushups. 

[00:53:10] Mike: [00:53:10] See, now that might be worth it. You’re going to get a lot of friend requests. I swear.

[00:53:15] All right. All right, well guys, this is, this is first off. Thanks again for coming and hanging out. Nate. It’s been a, it’s been an absolute pleasure, you bring back some good memories for me, especially that 605 pound squat that I did at one time. 

[00:53:34] Nate Palmer: [00:53:34] Yeah. Never had that 

[00:53:34] Mike: [00:53:34] issue, yeah, yeah, I had it once.

[00:53:40] , it’s, it’s, it’s good to re remember certain good things and it’s nice when I get guests that can bring back the good memories and hopefully about a few good memories for those of you out there that are watching or listening, again, if you need to find them, it’s Nate, Nate training. 

[00:53:55] Nate Palmer: [00:53:55] And, and the nber and the nber eight.

[00:53:57] Yeah. So eight training. When I, when I came up with that in 2011, I was like, man, I’m clever. Now I spend 40% of my time being like, no, no, no eight, like, like, like, like the nber eight? No, no, not that, no. 

[00:54:09] Mike: [00:54:09] Spell it. Yeah. It’s like a license plate. You guys it’s a breeze. 

[00:54:13] Nate Palmer: [00:54:13] That’s right. That’s actually talking, 

[00:54:17] Mike: [00:54:17] but you should see how I have to play my last name.

[00:54:18] Jeez, all of the links will be below. Make sure you’re hitting the subscribe button, hit the bell. So, you know, when we get another good guy like this to come on our podcast, if you’re listening on any other podcast platform, make sure you download a subscribe listing on, which is a home plate.

[00:54:38] Make sure you give us some support. We always could use a little bit here and there, we end these the same all the time. We love you guys for making time and taking time to cure these. Listen to these commenting on them, asking questions, interacting, following our guests and you know, engaging with them so far, both myself coffee with Mike and for Nate and eight, don’t spell it out.

[00:55:06] Right? Stay up, stay safe, stay safe, stay healthy and chow for now.

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