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Java Chat brings the experts you know and many that you probably don’t to come and have a chat over coffee. Discussions range from Business Startups, to investing, to health & wellness and a host of other subjects relevant to Entrepreneurs, business owners. From raising capital to scaling businesses or simply living healthier with simple “hacks” that you probably didn’t know, Java Chat has something for everyone


If you’re looking for a podcast that shares insights, advice, and information that can help you improve your lifestyle, business, work / life balance, cashflow, and health, this is where you want to hang out. Java Chat, nootropics for the brain.

Michael H Kaleikini
Las Vegas, Nevada

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The Million Dollar Body with Nate Palmer

Interview with Nate Palmer 01_21_21 Youtube Link: [00:00:27] Mike: [00:00:27] Everybody welcome back to Java chat. It’s coffee with Mike. And today I get to talk with another, new…

Hillel Zafir- Focus on Business

Interview with Hillel Zafir- Focus on Business 01_27_21 Youtube Link [00:00:27] Mike: [00:00:27] Hey everybody. Welcome back to Java chats, coffee with Mike. And I get the pleasure of talking…

Timothy Yen- Choose Better

Timothy Yen- Choose Better Youtube Link [00:00:27] Mike: [00:00:27] Hey, everybody. Welcome back to Java chat and coffee with Mike here. And I get to sit with our guest of…