CashFlow Podcast Shares insights on how to start a successful podcast

Hey Coffee lovers!

I get to sit down with Ben Krueger who is a veteran of creating and scaling great podcasts for experts in many different fields! 

Ben breaks down the psychology behind starting a podcast the correct way and gives up a couple of needed principles when it comes to starting a successful podcast. This is one you don’t want to pass up listening to! He goes through planning, content, what niche to consider, what you should be thinking about and who you will serve etc etc! This one is LOADED with gold nuggets. There are 9 principles to consider when starting a podcast and the first four that he shares are Insanely important!

If you want to find Ben you can do so at and learn more about how YOU can start a podcast and rocket past guys like me that didn’t quite do it right. 

As always, I love you all for listening and make sure you share the podcast with friends and colleagues. You never know who may need this info!

Credit for Intro “Who wants cawffee?” by Vic DiBitetto Comedian grab a bag of Cawfee and brew some today!

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