Christian Straka- Training the Mind

Christian Straka has a unique approach to mindset training through his experience with it in sports. He’s been practicing mindset for many years through being a Unified Mindfulness coach. He’s a coach for pro athletes and gas coached multiple top 10 players throughout their careers as well as being a Global Mindset Coach for Adidas Runners.

In today’s episode, Christian and Mike deep dive into mindfulness. Christian tells the stories of his past of being a tennis player and then being able to turn that into something he loves even more- being a coach. He shares stories of coaching professional athletes with a focus on mindset and mental health.

Today, Christian has a book in the works and continues to coach his clients. He wakes up every day and loves what he does. His work doesn’t feel like work, and that’s what we are all trying to reach in life. Christian also has a mindfullness training program called MindSize as well as an app coming out later next year.

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