CoffeewithMike is shifting gears – Here’s what’s coming

So there is a need to be more consistent and I’m after it. 

Couple of reasons for this. I’m shifting my agency to Data marketing instead of full service. I’ve partnered with another company that will handle the full service aspects of marketing. 

Also, I want to get more guests on the podcast and bring you more content so you can understand more of what you’re in need of doing for your business. That means experts, coaches, consultants, maybe a celebrity or two here and there. Let’s just say I’m getting ready with a pretty good sized list. Also, I’m going to be teaming up with someone on another podcast later to discuss social media and what is happening in that realm. More on that later. 

All in all, there are good things coming to the coffeewithmike brand and bringing you more valuable content for business development and the world of startups. 

Intro Clip by Comedian and YouTube content creator Vic “Ticked Off Vic” Dibitetto from his video “Who Wants Cawfee?” stop by his youtube channel for hilarious content! 

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