Desire, Faith, patience and persistence will win every time. Question is…do you have it?

It’s been bugging me how the youth of today want things to happen so quickly. They have no interest in building. They want to be paid their worth. Yet they call themselves entrepreneurs. Nope, intrepreneurs maybe, but not entrepreneurs. I learned over the last 10 years that being an entrepreneur sucks when it come to building. Many times you’re broke. There was a time I was homeless. I’m not stinking rich now, but I’m working towards a successful marketing agency. That takes time, prospecting and a LOT of patience, faith, persistence and consistent action. Dont be fooled into thinking this is a glory journey. It’s usually stacked with casualties along the way. Will you be the one that survives because you had faith that something would come? And not necessarily in your time? Stop wanting it all today, work for it today. Be consistent and have some faith. It will come together.

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