Episode #103 – Rhachel Hunter – The Healing Journey | Healing Coach | Master Class Series coming in January 2022

Rhachel is a corporate dropout, multiple business owner, and work/life balance coach. After going through multiple businesses she began to realize that she was meant for more than just the grind or a high paying business. She just didn’t feel settled or successful. Sure there was income, but happiness was still just out of reach.

Making her way through her entrepreneurial journey she learned that there is more than just a work life balance that has to occur. There needs to be healing and reconciling with the past in order to gain traction in the now, and into the future.

Rachel Shares her journey from childhood experiences and her epiphanies along the way to today where she now helps others realize their true stasis and joy in life isn’t always about a successful business but a life that you can thrive in; one that makes sense for each individual and their situation.

Rhachel is a single mother of two little girls whom she is an at home learning coach to. Aside from business Rhachel is passionate about sharing her personal journey about self love, finding inner peace, and staying in your power.

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Her masterclass series begins in January 2022 starting with Journaling. (listen to the podcast to hear more about what classes she’s including. The list is impressive)

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