Episode #105 – David Sinclair – Volta Wireless – How to make SURE your personal data is Private on your mobile phone

David Sinclair, Founder and CEO of Volta Wireless brings forth a new software that privatizes your mobile device. He has been working with his team to create a software that can allow you the consumer to have privacy in ALL of your mobile connections. (text, talk, data & Payments)

David sits down with @CoffeewithMike to discuss what REALLY goes on with Big tech(You might be surprised to see who that REALLY is) and how YOUR data gets collected by EVERYONE, and gets sold to EVERYONE ELSE! It’s really mind blowing to see how much companies and governments actually collect on us!

David shares his journey through his career in selling into emerging markets and then opening his own company, then returning to the states. His boredom launched him into the tech and telco space and what he found was that many don’t really know that their private information wasn’t really private! So he set off to create a software that would allow you the privacy you demand for your own conversations and even your payments. Two years nd a LOT of investment later, he and his team have come up with just what you need to make sure your data is kept TRULY safe. Enter Volta Wireless.

David gets pretty deep with Mike on this subject of privacy and at the end, David and @CoffeewithMike shares how you can engage Volta to start your privacy for mobile with a special gift code to get your first month for 99 cents.

(use code omg99) when signing up to get that first month cheap! (and ten dollars off per month on the monthly thereafter)

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