Episode #106 – Asa Cox

Asa Cox started in Pharma before his journey into the unknown world of tech startups.

His career spans 15+ years before he ever got into tech. Quite the jump already. But that’s not all… Asa also made a HUGE jump by moving to New Zealand and starting over. Like LITERALLY Starting over.

From networking to find something new to do to finding the right team to work with and all of the lessons that go with it, Asa lays it out on the table and gets real with how founders and entrepreneurs should be thinking when starting up and finding the right partners for the business you’re getting into.

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Asa’s company is Arcanum.ai Enabling AI/ML awesome through intelligent applications Arcanum was born out of ambition, optimism, and a passion for AI/ML. We see the huge opportunities ahead for organizations to capture the value of the exponential technology, but we also understand the barriers organizations face in adoption.

From day one our focus has been simplified solutions that bypass technical roadblocks, so teams can quickly demonstrate the commercial success and scale of what’s possible with this exciting technology.

You can find Arcanum online at https://www.arcanum.ai

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You can also find Asa on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/asacox/

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