Episode #112 – Bryce McKinley – Coach S.H.A.R.P.E.N. – REI Results and the 5 Hour Flip – How YOU can succeed in Real Estate Investing.

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Bryce McKinley has been globally recognized as one of The Top 5 Sales Trainer & Independent Business Consultant, In The World! If you check his references you’ll note a LOT of celebrity friends and clients!

Bryce Has worked with businesses including but not limited to, Fortune 500 Companies such as Ford, Nissan, Tyco, and ADT. His Sales Career Started when was just eight years old.

As of today, he has been training Sales Professionals for over 20 years! This allowed him to become a Master Closer and Negotiator! Most recently, he has taken these abilities into real estate, where his team has had over 7000 homes Bought and/or Sold COMPLETELY VIRTUAL. This is a huge accomplishment as most other coaching systems require you to do a lot more work.

As CEO of S.H.A.R.P.E.N., a nonprofit in which we help and serve the less fortunate, we are changing the world one life at a time!

This is part 2 of a two part series. This is where Bryce shares how his partnership progressed into what it is today. He gets into it and really shows his appreciation for all of the experiences and where it brought him. He gets real on this one and goes deep…again.

Bryce shares another one chocked full of nuggets both on business and leadership. Sit back and take a load off with a cup of java!

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