Episode #113 – Alexander Hall – From Fraudster to Hero – A former Fraudsters Journey to becoming the hero against Fraud

Finding your way back – A former Fraudsters Journey to becoming the hero against Fraud

Alexander “Alex” Hall is a reformed, high-level fraudster, Alexander has 14 years of experience relevant to fraud and fraud prevention. His experience taught him a lot about being on the “attacking side of the equation. Once he saw that he needed to change due to family and wanting to do right by them, he decided to switch sides.

Since joining the fraud fighter community in 2017, his strategies and processes have been successfully applied to companies ranging from retail to financial industries and everything in between.

In 2020, Alexander founded Dispute Defense Consulting and has since accepted a position on the board of advisors for the customer experience program at the University of Nevada – Las Vegas. Additionally, Alexander is recognized as a subject matter expert by service providers and publications such as Card-Not-Present, Merchant Fraud Journal and About-Fraud.

Alex “gets real” in this chat with CoffeewithMike and lets loose on the realities he faced and the benefits he figured he earned through being on both sides of the fence. He shares what motivated him to change from jobless to entrepreneur and how it’s currently going. (which is quite well actually)

He intends to help every company he can to find the open windows in their cyber security and system security in order to better secure YOUR money and identity from the bad guys.

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Make sure you reach out if you want to know how many “windows” you may have open that you DON’T know about.

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