Episode #114 – Azmath Pasha – Forbes Advisory Council on Technology shares his journey in the world of Tech

Azmath Pasha is a consummate Chief Technology Officer who had humble beginnings after moving from India to the United States. With over 25 years of Technological experience and now being an advisor to the tech community through board memberships like Forbes Technology Advisory Board, Azmath brings to Java Chat a TON of experience. We almost had to do a 2 part deal. (we may still do that as he started discussing doing a panel style Podcast one day. Stay tuned)

He started in San Francisco and worked his way up the chain over the years until he managed Multi million dollar budgets and literally watched and helped shape the Tech scape as it is today.

He shares who some of his mentors were and how important it is to have at least one.

Some of his accomplishments include:

✓ Proven, trusted information technology leader with over 25 years of Technology Experience

✓ Chief Digital & Technology Officer responsible for Launching Transformational Cloud, Data & Analytics Pillars

✓ Forbes Technology Council Member, Author & Advisor

✓ Leadership in running enterprise and consulting services leading large Fortune 100 engagements

✓ Top producing revenue generator Advanced Analytics, Cloud Data, AI/ML & Digital Transformation

✓ Expertise in multiple domains BFSI, HealthCare, Federal, Airlines, Consumer Goods & Manufacturing

You can bet @CoffeewithMike and Azmath had an excellent chat and shared a lot of great experiences and stories from then to now.

You can find Azmath on LinkedIn via the link below if you wish to learn more about him or his journey:


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