Episode #97 – Sarah Holzberg, CEO QuikFit, LLC – Hometown Islander fan creates Tech & Fashion App

Sarah Holzberg, CEO of a new tech and fashion app visits with us today to share her journey from New York to London and almost to Brasil all while learning sports marketing and promotion. Then she shares how after all of that experience she ended up pivoting into a completely different category from sports marketing. As a recruiter she learned a ton around the field of Human Resources.

She shares her experiences with mentors that she still maintains relationships with to this day and explains how they influenced her journey and ignited her passions for fashion all over again.

Today she is the CEO of a startup called quikfit that is poised to rock the fashion industry using Artificial Intelligence and Augmented reality to create an experience that anyone can use to feel good about how they’re dressing without a lot of the normal hassle of going to the store and having to make time to try it on.

The app is set to release on November 30th and they have a launch party that you can attend if in New York on December the 16th, 2021, you’ll want to attend this launch party and see how this app works!

You can get tickets via rebrand.ly/quikfit-launch

Find Sarah on Instagram :



You can find quikfit on these social media outlets:









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