I AM ENOUGH! Squelching the inner saboteur – Interview with Author and podcaster Co Green

I AM ENOUGH – Author Coz Green joins Java Chat for an in depth run on squelching your inner saboteurs

This week we bring on Author / Entertainer / Certified Professional Co – Active Coach / Broadcast an Inspirational Speaker.  

We dig into the mental health issue of “I AM ENOUGH!” Squelching the inner saboteurs.” This is a huge one for many of whether entrepreneur, owner, investor, professional. Anyone that experiences stress has ten “inner Saboteurs” that can get in the way of you living your purpose, and they usually do.   

Coz helps us take a practical look at what this is we deal with on the daily and how to begin to see it for what it is and addressing it in a manner that allows you an I to live a much more healthy life mentally.   This is one that has a lot of “hints” and blatant “here you go” moments in our conversation. Sit back relax and listen intently to what Coz shares. It’s important to all of us. (psst…especially you)  

Finding Coz Green online is easy. Copy an paste the links below:  


Podcast :  https://www.cozgreenaudioexperience.com 




Be on the lookout for his book coming soon!  “I AM ENOUGH – Squelching the Inner Saboteurs”  

  • Billy Mandarino – “The Nowist.” www.BillyMandarino.com  
  • Frank King – The Mental Heatlh Comedian

Credits for intro to Java Chat – “Who wants Cawfee?” by Vic Dibitetto “Ticked Off Vic” https://vicdibitetto.net Grab a pound of Cawffee t’day!  

Voice over by Nicole Carino (Find her on Fiverr, she’s awesome to work with)

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