INTERVIEW: Natalia Wiechowski of “Think Natalia” Is on Java Chat today

Natalia WIechowski is what’s known as a “coachsultant” that helps coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs to realize their business success by getting them set up to present their brand properly, and executing the right strategy to get their brand known. 

Her Journey starts in Germany and reaches all the way to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and gained success and momentum. Today she hosts live casts on Linkedin, facebook, and Instagram to share what strategies are most viable when it comes to presenting your brand online. 

Listen in as Natalia shares her story, a couple of stories of her clients, and her work. Some of it is playful when it comes to talking about her journey from europe to Dubai and of course subjects in and around business. Then there’s the serious philosophical side. This amazing human has a colorful personality that I enjoyed interviewing and talking with. In short this was a great interview.

This interview took a couple of pivots and opened the door to some rabbit holes we’ll probably run down on another interview in the near future, so stay tuned. 

Until then, sit back relax and enjoy “Thinkin Natalia”

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Credit for “Who wants Cawfee” by Vic “Ticked Off Vic” DiBitetto (Comedian, content creator) Find him on Instagram, the man is hilarious. 

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