Interview Richard Krawczyk – What are the realities available right now?

The Mr. Blueprint joins us again on Java Chat to talk about the economy and how COVID has affected it. Interestingly enough the news that Richard had to share wasn’t one of despair but of hope and opportunity!

We dig into the thought process of what to look for, what investments are smart, what things you should be doing to increase your brand online, and what this #greatreset means for you and I. 

This is probably one of the best interviews I’ve had to date. The insight that Richard Offers is invaluable and can help you get the right mindset and right direction to increasing your financial future; personally, professionally, and in business. Don’t miss this one!

Credits – “Who wants Cawfee?” by Vic DiBetetto (Get some of his cawfee…it’s amazing)

#business #branding #finance #investing. 

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