Interview with A good friend about How Seattle is working through the COVID-19 Pandemic

Josh Hite, at risk youth counselor in Seattle Washington hangs out with me over a cup of Java. 

This is a bit more informal as Josh and I are good friends and we chat a lot about what’s going on in the world. 

Josh shares insight to what’s going through the minds of his fellow Seattle citizens and how things are where they’re at with regards to lock down, quarantines and dealing with Mental Health issues as this continues to unfold. 

The tone takes a turn when Josh starts discussing how resourceful people are getting finding ways to generate income for themselves as the cost of living in Seattle isn’t low and there is a need. That said the mood isn’t one of despair, it’s one of resolve. People are still coming together to get things one and increase life and living. 

Josh is also a Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master and does live streams on twitch for DND sessions, Elder Scrolls, and Overwatch gaming. Make sure you follow and watch his live streams. they are fun and kewl!

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