Interview with Damon Burton of SEO National

This interview brings to light how someone “stumbled” onto a win over a huge network and then turned into a successful business venture. 

Damon Burton joins us to discuss things SEO and how he beat a Billion Dollar Media company by outranking them or their own show! (I know of only one other person to do this an I’ve interviewed him as well) You’ll want to hear this podcast as he drops nuggest on what works and what you should be aware of. 

Damon has a book you can grab free at:

You can also find him on LinkedIn and Facebook where he shares and bares all that is SEO for you to learn and use!

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Credit – “Who wants Cawfee?” by Vic Dibitetto “Ticked Off Vic” Grab a poundd of Cawfee on his website and make sure you watch his vieos on Instagram or IGTV. 

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