Interview with Dave Char of Illuminate on Leadership, burnout and how to manage it all

This week was a sit down with a brilliant mind when it comes to empathy, insight, and leadership.   

David holds his bachelor’s in human resource management from Colorado State University and his master’s in industrial / organizational psychology from the University of Maryland – College Park. 

He is a current doctoral candidate in business psychology at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology where he is studying the interaction between meaningful work and burnout.  David is NOT your typical academic – as a scientist / practitioner translator, David makes leadership theory & business psychology accessible, implementable, and fun through the use of humor, stories, and ‘real-world’ examples.   

Daivd is a speaker, consultant and trainer who speaks on the subjects of:  

– Combating burnout 

– The Science of Employee selection 

– Working with Purpose  

We touch on all of these and get deep into it so there’s a lot to hear. (including a cameo by his human loving pooch)   If you want to find David you can fin him on LinekdIn and on his website.   Have the coffee hot an keep an ear on this one. Stay Up, Stay Healthy, Stay Safe, and LIVE!

Credit – “Who want Cawfee?” Intro audo by Vic “Ticked off Vic” Dibitetto – comedian. Grab some Cawfee, You won’t regret it!

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