Interview with Doctor Kyrin Dunston on the effects, symptoms, and preventative measures on COVID-19

I get to sit down with Doctor Kyrin Dunston who works in functional medicine. She shares perspective from a doctor that was in alapathic medicine and moved into functional medicine. 

Her experience spans over 2 decades in medicine on both sides of the spectrum and now treats the root cause of illness rather than symptoms. We go through what COVID-19 actually is, how it can transfer and how we can protect ourselves from this virus that we’ve never experienced. She also shares how our mental health is necessary and how we can make sure to take care of ourselves and those we love as well as our neighbors. 

We discuss how physical distancing is needed versus Social Distancing. Dr. Dunston will have a free report on her website that you can download as a reference to protect against COVID-19 and in general just about any viral infections. 

You can go to her website: 

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