Interview with Founder, Shaun Clark of (Entrepreneurship)

On this interview I get to chat with one of the founder of a platform we’ve chosen to move to simply because it is a true “all in one” platform to run our business on. It’s called GoHighLevel and they have an agency software that allows almost anyone that decides to become an agency, CAN.   

What I didn’t know was just how amazing Shaun is as a businessman, Entrepreneur and Human. His insights to business and his commitment to serving others has him constantly thinking of how he can improve what he already has.  This has caused a great surge in how many clients and their customers he already has hosted on his platform. 

In only 2 years he has well passed what’s needed to remain a player in the marketplace as a SaaS platform.  His human side is wonderfully practical making this not just a business chat, but a good time of getting to know another good person. 

Thank you to Shaun Clark of GoHighLevel for joining us and gracing our podcast and channel with your wisdom and insights! to learn more about how you can become an agency today!

Credit – “Who wants Cawfee?” by Vic DiBitetto – Comedian Grab a pound of Cawfee and enjoy your morning with Vic!

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