Interview with Jessica Prunk Co-Founder of

Java Chat welcomes Jessica Prunk co-Founder of 

Jessica Shares her journey of inspiration to implementation of a new business idea that will serve the dating vertical. Helping Men become the best Home Chefs they can for their love interests. Jessica’s experience in the culinary arts lends to this new business idea that will revolutionize how men can entertain their dates while at home! Her journey spans the multiple stages of inspiration to concern to anxiety and then back to inspiration and to implementing systems and getting ready to create the buzz. 

If you’re interested in learning more about stop by the website and make sure you follow their Instagram account at or search #theimpressor online. 

Be on the lookout for the essentials kits gentlemen as they will be the beginning of a B E A UTIFUL Meal for your next date! 

Credits – “Who wants cawfee?” Audio by Vic Dibettetto Grab a bag of Cawfee!

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