Interview with Sean Douglas Serial Entrepreneur – This is how you build a business for long term success

Sean Douglas is an active duty United States Air Force Drill Sargeant that has built multiple 6 figure businesses. Throough each one he’s learned a ton about business and life and how balance matters along with forward action. Consistency, persistence and the will do move. All qualities that he not only talks about but executes on the daily. 

As a mentor he shapes the future USAF recruits for our military with discipline and mentorship. In business, he’s an unstoppable freight train. (the one that is a mile and a half long with four engines up front and 2 in the back moving at 70mph…savvy?) 

In this interview he gives advice that you can act on TODAY. (I got a few GREAT suggestions from him before, during AND after the show. The guy is just a go giver. 

If you want to know more about him you can check him out at this link:

This by far is one of the best interviews I’ve had yet. I can’t wait to bring him back on for another go!

Credit for intro to Java Chat – Audio “Who wants Cawfee?” by Vic “Ticked off Vic” Dibitetto He has his own coffee line now! Go follow his channel on Instagram. 

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