Jacqueline Wales – Developing Fearless Leaders

Java Chat welcomes Jacqueline Wales, a leadership coach with over thirty-five years of experience. Jacqueline’s work focuses on developing fearless leaders, helping people to overcome stumbling blocks that prevent them from realizing their full potential, in the workplace and beyond. Her coaching draws on her vast array of life experiences – from growing up around alcoholism and drug addiction, to traveling the world, having children, working as a professional singer and musician, writing novels, and even mastering karate and Taekwondo in her forties.

On this episode, Jacqueline and Mike discuss the power of being fearless. Jacqueline describes her trademark Fearless Factor and offers some everyday tips and tricks for harnessing courage and conquering fear. Currently in the Bay Area, Jacqueline works as a facilitator, consultant, and coach for groups and individuals seeking to transform their professional and personal lives. Jacqueline’s passion is to witness her clients grow while putting fearlessness in action. She is the author of three books and can be found on the following sites:





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