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Cameron Tousi – The truth about advisory boards, and how to be sure you’re covered. 

For over 20 years, Cameron Tousi has been a key contributor to the innovation economy, helping literally thousands of multinational corporations, startups, venture firms, investors and individual entrepreneurs as one of America’s leading business technology and intellectual property lawyers and litigators.  As an attorney, his many accolades include the highest peer review rankings with the foremost legal publications, such as The American Lawyer, Corporate Counsel magazine and Martindale-Hubbell’s AV Preeminent Rating. As a leading litigator and licensing counsel, he has represented clients with combined amounts in controversy exceeding $1.1 billion with numerous multimillion-dollar awards for his clients.  

As an entrepreneur, Cameron has had success as well. He founded the firm IP Law Leaders in 2012, co-founded a multimillion-dollar startup in 2004 and has served and still serves on the advisory boards of numerous venture-funded startups. 

As a public speaker, he passionately shares stories about entrepreneurship of both success and failure. 

As an author, his articles frequently appear in Bloomberg Law, Entrepreneur magazine, IPWatchdog and scholarly law journals. He’s often quoted by international journalists for The Guardian, Reuters and other publications about pressing technology and legal issues. In short, he is a well respected businessman in his field.  

Cameron is releasing a new podcast about innovation, entrepreneurs and startups. Bringing his unique sense of pragmatism, belief in true democratic meritocracy and passion for achievement. He seeks to help everyone achieve their entrepreneurial dreams. That said, he holds nothing back about the real journey, warts and all, peaks with valleys — it’s minus sycophancy to money and fame, and starry-eyed pollyanna. He addresses biases about age, education, ethnicity and other challenges you’re facing, and how to overcome them.    

Success leaves clues – Cameron intends to make sure you all find them.. 

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