Java Chat Podcast Welcomes Andrew Chesnutt – Instructional Design and E-Learning

Andrew Chesnutt joins us on Java Chat to share his expertise as a self-employed educational engineer. For the last 15 years, Andrew has worked towards creating E-Learning, training courses and more. Initially, he started out as a customer service representative for a major mortgage lender, and he was soon promoted to the training department. Because of his experiences as a tutor and Professor’s Assistant in college, he came to realize his passion for teaching and training others.

In this episode, we delve into what inspired Andrew to take this career path and what the significance of instructional design is, especially in the realm of real estate and finance. Although we live in an age where people can learn anything through the internet, Andrew stresses that free courses do not equal quality courses.

Andrew spends most of his time as a course engineer at his company, Nickel City Learning Solutions. There, they focus on providing clients with brain-based training that incorporates customized tools and techniques. They offer E-Learning, consulting, on-site and virtual training, and more.

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