Java Chat Podcast Welcomes Daniel Massimino – Failure Leads To Success

Daniel Massimino joins us on Java Chat to let us in on his past failures as a businessman. Daniel started his first business when he was only 15 years old where he repaired and sold cell phones. What began as a side hustle, quickly took center stage as the operation scaled to earn millions of dollars in revenue. However, his lack of experience eventually led to the company’s downfall and forced him to reevaluate how he approaches business.

In this episode, we evaluate what it truly takes to run your own business. From Daniel’s experiences, he teaches us the important lessons he learned along the way and the changes that he has made to ensure the success of his current venture, The Credit Connection, which is a credit repair agency.

Daniel’s business The Credit Connection offers a full suite of credit solutions that help people struggling with financial entanglements. They work with the best software solutions, top tier relationships with the nation’s largest lenders and an experienced staff.

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