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Java Chat welcomes Rachelle Calina, CPA as we chat over coffee about startups, what to consider for your business when it comes to finances, cashflow and the ability to forecast honestly. (Let’s be real, we all love to look through rose colored glasses some times and can get punch drunk off a good month) 

Rachelle’s story begins a few years back when she experienced the pains of starting a new business. from having an unfocused business that was overspending and having her working 80+ hours a week, to finding the wrong clietns to work with. She ran the gambit of pitfalls that many of us have run into ass entrepreneurs. Once she refocused and shifted to a model where she got to choose who she wanted to work with and get really intentional with her goals, she saw a serious improvement in quality of clients, to reducing work hours to about 35 hours a week! Her story is engaging and is practically what most of us have experienced, the difference is, she refocused quickly and now runs a successful Accounting practice. She owns the company not the other way around. 

We go lightly into the Payroll Protection Program(PPP) and what you should know as a business before going after assistance programs  She drop a bunch of great stories as well that illustrate what CPAs can ddo to help and where you as a business owner should already be prepared before approaching a CPA to help you with your business’ finances. (I learned a lot in this short time with Rachelle) Lots of gold in this one.

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