Java Chat – The Immunity Code – Joel Green shares insights to REAL nutrition

Joel Green – The Immunity Code

No this isn’t some “secret code” It’s a code that is simple to crack once you understand it. Nutrition has always been elusive to us. We’ve all heard of the latest greatest trend, fad, diet etc. All of them have worked in one way or another. That said, there isn’t a “one size fits all” that works for everyone. That’s because we’re all unique in our own way. 

One thing though that has shown itself well is that if our digestive systems aren’t working right, we end up getting sick with some kind of disease. Health becomes elusive and all of the side effects of bad health begin to show up.   

From weight gain to more serious illnesses like diabetes and cancer, having an unbalanced system can only make it harder to live a fulfilling healthy life.   

Joel Green, author and system designer for VEEP Nutrition comes and shares expertise on what the issues may be that are affecting your health from the very basic to digging into gut health and how it affects YOUR daily life.   

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