Java Chat Welcomes Ann Bernard- A First Time for Everything

Ann Bernard’s world revolves around action-driven self-development through first times and new experiences. She’s been on this crazy journey of seeking things she’s never done before. Her life has changed through these experiences and enjoying her first times.

In this episode, Ann and Mike discuss the importance of spontaneity and first times. Ann shares her breathtaking stories all around the world experiencing new things. She inspires us all through her stories and mindset of making this one life we have, count.

Today, Ann has created her new app, 365FirstsChallenge. You can use this to make lists of things you’ve never done before. It can help us all discover all that life has to offer and change your mindset. Ann also has the 356 Podcast as well as running the Next Level Firsts Coaching to assist people in maximizing what they gain from their journey of new experiences. She’s also an author of the “How to Become a (First Time) Storyteller”

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