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Transformative coach Joy Dushey talks us through her framework for holistic healing, The Joyful Approach. Joy experienced a spiritual transformation after suffering much grief and illness in her earlier life that culminated in an ischemic stroke. Realizing she had been living an unfulfilling life, Joy ventured down new spiritual pathways to find healing and rebirth.

On this episode, Joy discusses her spiritual experiences as a runner, introduces us to some of her own mentors in the realm of holistic health – from Paul Chek to Anne Davin—and gives a rundown of her specialty – alchemical breathwork – a method of harmonizing the mind, body, and soul. Joy enjoys working with clients of all backgrounds and levels of experience with breathwork.

Joy currently works as a transformative coach and spiritual and holistic guide in New York City. She works with clients one-on-one and regularly facilitates collective healing Sanghas, both live and occasionally virtual. Joy also hosts her own spirituality and wellness podcast, The Methodology, which can be found on Apple and Spotify.

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