Lisa David Olson – Laughter is the Best Medicine

Lisa David Olson knows how to tell a joke. Emerging triumphantly from a traumatic childhood, she’s always looked to humor for relief in difficult times. So much so that she eventually made a profession out of it – she spent two years in a comedy troupe and now speaks and writes about humor and creativity. She recently released a comedy album on iTunes entitled “Phun on the Phone”.

On this episode, Mike and Lisa share lots of laughs as they chat about the healing and connecting powers of humor, how it enables us to live in the present, break the ice, and push past our inner demons. Lisa has published a memoir, Laughs on Wry, and a creative journal that draws on her improv expertise, What Ifs & Why Nots. She also runs the Facebook comedy group Counter-Clockwise. Find her on these platforms as well:


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