Machine Learning Part II – Identity Resolution (How to get cheaper leads using AI)

Identity Resolution is fast becoming a hot topic for Marketers simply because the amount help the technology gives to increasing Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) is both surprising and exciting!

This part describes what it is, how it works and why it is important to a marketer’s paid campaign strategy. It’s no longer enough to use proper audience and proper attribution when you can now advertise to an individual where they are at in the buyer’s journey. Why would you want to guess where they are when the machines can see and help your company do better in your paid campaigns? 

It becomes a no brainer when you’re in multi or omni channel marketing strategies that need to be able to see everything going on with a prospect that is looking for your kind of product or service. Listen in on this Part II of the six part series and keep watch for the next section as we pull back the curtain on who’s taking your profits without you even having a say so. 


Vic Di Bitetto – “Who wants Cawfee?” Audio clip. Visit his website and give him a listen. This comic is GOLD!

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