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Padma Gordon is a Spiritual Counselor, Mindfulness Teacher, Movement & Embodiment Instructor, and Author of Being Together: Practical Wisdom for Loving Yourself & Your Partner, who teaches about life, love and relationship through the lens of awakening. She assists people to turn towards their direct experience so that they can create movement where they are stuck, come home to themselves and thrive.

On today’s episode, Padma and Mike talk self love. How to learn to love yourself and be in the moment. Padma explains how many free skills we have at our disposal every single day to help us be more present. For example- breathing! They discuss gratitude and practicing authenticity.

Today, Padma Gordon continues to promote her book Being Together and is soon coming out with the Audible version of the book that we will promote on our end once it comes out! Along with the audio book, she is working on a companion workbook that goes along with it that focuses on how to practice presence.

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