Randy Gage – Radical Rebirth

On this episode of Java Chat, we are joined by successful entrepreneur, prolific writer, and professional speaker Randy Gage. Randy details how a stint in jail at 15 years old led him on a journey of self-evaluation, during which he learned how to replace his “victim” mindset with a “victor” mindset.

Drawing upon content from his book Radical Rebirth, Randy dives deep into the ways our minds have been subconsciously programmed by memes, or what he calls “mind-viruses”, from a very young age. He discusses how these core foundational beliefs we pick up early in life can affect everything in our future, from religious philosophies to health and wellness to our outlook on marriage and relationships. Randy’s book teaches us how to recognize these mind-viruses and learn to reprogram ourselves in order to better achieve prosperity.

Randy enjoys speaking on prosperity and has delivered many prosperity services in churches. He plans to launch a weekly prosperity service via zoom, for which the info and links may be found in his newsletter on his website. Follow Randy on the following sites:



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