Lisa David Olson – Laughter is the Best Medicine

Intro: [00:00:00] Who wants, but they who wants a pot of coffee? I just made coffee. You want a cup of coffee? Hey, who I've taught to you? Anybody else want coffee? Oh my God. And now it's time for the man with the caffeine, the new tropics for the...

Pete Bombaci – The Human Connection

Interview with Pete Bombaci 1-20-21 Mike: [00:00:00] Got to tell you, this is really good timing. [00:00:04] Pete: [00:00:04] I love it. [00:00:04] Mike: [00:00:04] You coming on this podcast right now with all that's going on. [00:00:09] Pete: [00:00:09] No question, my friend. Uh, I think it is amazing...